Exclusive Russian Packages Of Directv

Are you haunted by the memories of motherland? Go for DirecTV Satellite packages that are exclusively created for the international communities who thrive in large numbers in every part of United States. Since they belong to different culture and tradition their mode of choice and preference too differ a bit from the common residents of United States. When DirecTV brings their choicest programs in their own mother tongues it is more than obvious that they will waste no time in accepting the offers. However with cable television services you are unable to bring home programming packages for those foreign denizens of United States. DirecTV is the right cal of these foreigners. What they want they rightly get it from DirecTV.

Especially Russian speaking people of United States have all the reason to tune in to DirecTV packages on international programming. In fact with multiple channels on Russian language one can feel as if one has not left his country behind. Irrespective of age and preferences one is sure to get some programs of their choice that include popular movies, newly released films, special talk shows, political events and programs for children and many more. You can also avail a handful of a la carte channels.

Time is now ripe to catch a quick glimpse at all the exclusive Russian DirecTV packages:

Avail all the exclusive 5 Russian channels of RUSSIAN DIRECT, one of the most famous DirecTV packages. On Channel 1 Russia, you can enjoy varied programs like news, current affairs, special documentaries, chat shows, popular films, drama and serials, sports events, musical shows and many more. Again, Dom Kino, a 24X7 channel airs popular films, original television serials in Russian language, music shows and a handful of amusement programs. The third in the row is Vremya: Retro Channel that broadcasts exclusive cultural shows in Russian language plus programs live special interviews of celebrities in fields of acting, sports, music, sports, science and technology and many more. Muzika Pervovo, another exclusive channel, offers entertaining programs without any commercials. An exclusive TV Nanny channel, a special kids channel, is stuffed with amusement and educational programs being developed by leading Russian psychologists for kids of age group of 3-12 years. It is priced at $ 22.99/ month.

RUSSIAN DIRECT PLUS, another popular Russiand package of DirecTV that brings in a number of Russian channels as well. For instance, on RTR Planeta, wide ranging programs like sports, political shows, songs, movies, drama and theaters are broadcast round the clock. Round the clock, Rossiya 24 channel in Russian language air special events both of national and international levels. Last but not the least RTVi is the exclusive news channels that telecast programs in original Russian language. It costs
$ 31.99 every month.

RUSSIAN DIRECT II is exclusive Russian programming package that offer special channel. It airs Rossiya 24 that broadcasts special news and all the current happenings of the global world almost round the clock. Avail this package at $ 39.99/mo.

There are few other channels a la carte that are available at your platter. In this package you can order channels like Channel 1 Russia and RTR Planeta and you can easily incorporate them in your regular package. SABUNG AYAM