Exercising In an Office

Most people like to slouch when they are sitting in a chair, because they are lazy. Slouching really is nothing more than relaxing the muscles to allow pressure to build on the spine.

This is the best way to create adverse health disorders, so if you are trying to be as ergonomically destructive as possible slouching is for you. However, sitting up straight is going to be a great way to burn extra calories, tighten and tone your abdomen, and prevent any adverse types of scoliosis type diseases.

Exercise comes from the Latin word Exercitium which basically means training. The key to getting better at anything lies in resistance, if you want to train to become a better accountant you had better get some resilient numbers testing your ability.

Sitting up straight isn’t going to do much for you, it will burn a few more calories close to about 20 an hour. If you are an average adult American male you are probably close to 5’9″ and you probably weigh around 160 maybe a bit less.

That means each hour spent at an office job is going to burn approximately 60 calories, which is not a lot at all. If you sit up straight it can become 75.

Because you are limited to writing in a desk you will not be able to get up and actually use your body, so what you do is start incorporating some exercises. A great way to incorporate exercises into your office working time is to do the stimulus based exercise.

Every time that one chick, who goes to the bathroom a lot, goes to the bathroom make it a point to flex all your muscles. Simply flexing is going to do the same thing lifting weights would just on a much smaller scale is all.

This may have some secondary repercussions. If you are constantly flexing you will obviously become quite fit, but also this girl is going to notice you’re flexing all the time and might not be able to help but fall in love with you.

If you are in a committed relationship how about flex every time your phone rings, and you can keep your abs flexed throughout the whole conversation. Other fun ways to exercise would to be to every so often hold your bum off your chair and feet of the ground by putting your hands on your chair.

Do not do exercises that are going to slow down production, this could be disadvantageous. You definitely don’t want to lose your job for exercise, do you?
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