Expectations On Nokia’s Upcoming N-series Product – Nokia N9

Being expected to be launched within a few weeks, Nokia N9 is an upcoming mobile phone from Nokia which is being rumored to beat even the ultimate likes of Nokia N8. Anyhow, there isnt much official news regarding the launch and features of this model. Nokia N9 is a handset with a lot of features and applications which has got so many usages. Few leaked images of the gadget on internet shows that it is a side slider with QWERTY keypad. Though, it resembles more of Nokia N8 is appearance on the first look, there are a lot of features in Nokia N9 to cover up the drawbacks of N8. Both hardware and software versions of the two phones differ entirely thereby making their classes apart.

The major feature of Nokia N9 is, it will be running on an advanced 1.2 GHz Intel Atom processor that is significantly faster than the 600 MHz odd unit found Nokia N8. It has the same 4 inch AMOLED touch screen display found in Nokia E7. Another best feature with Nokia N9 is it is expected to have a 12 mega pixel camera with Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics. The phone also provides long hours of battery backup and Intel chip. It is also rumored to be coming with the MeeGo operating system which itself is designed and manufactured by Nokia and Intel. The MeeGo platform is based on the Linux operating system and hence, it will be incredibly cheap to run. Also, it is expected to be an open source operating system that is very similar to the likes of the Android operating system. Because of the use of this new operating system, Nokia has been forced to update the processor in the Nokia N9. Though the images of the model have so far been in white color only, it is however expected to be available in other color options as well.

The device is also quite capable of running with 2G and 3G, which means that it supports both the networks. This even assures of the high speed internet access. Few of the built in connection services are GPRS, EDGE, HSUPA, HSDPA, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. All these facilities are helpful in easy data transferring. The handset will be also equipped with dual camera which has got dual LED flash as well. There are various deals expected to get launched with the device. Some of these are Nokia N9 deals, pay as you go and SIM free. The deals are being announced by service providers like Vodafone, Orange, Virgin, O2, T mobile and Three. These Nokia N9 deals will surely add to making the device a cheap buy. SABUNG AYAM