Experience a Royal Accommodation in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is known as a paradise in Asia, because of its pristine beaches and panoramic landscapes that it can offer to all tourists who are interested to spend time in Bali. This is also considered as the best destination in Asia, because it has magnetized great number of tourists from different parts of the globe. As you try to look for an accommodation in Bali for your travel this year, you will realize that this island has something to offer for every genre. You can find things to do and places to visit, whether you are an adventure lover, nature lover or fun lover. You will surely love this place, because it can offer you everything that you are looking for a perfect vacation adventure.

Spending the Holidays in Bali can offer an immense pleasure as well as enjoyments with its wonderful sceneries and enjoyable activities. If you love this idea, then it is best if you will consider an advance booking for travel accommodation. As you plan your holiday vacation in Bali, Indonesia, then it is best if you will send it within the luxurious Bali villa. This can offer you the ultimate ease because of their top of the line amenities and sophistication when it comes to the service that they give to their guests. The ultimate wish of every vacationer is to experience comfortably sitting on the seashore as they loom for the natural beauty of the surrounding. If you are looking forward for a perfect vacation experience at Bali, then there are some options that you can choose from.

Villa Canggu is the best if you want a great ocean view from your window, then this villa can offer on this kind of panoramic picture as you look outside the window of your room. Villa Canggu is all well-designed, with a mix of Mediterranean and tropical comfort that is perfect for family vacationers. This high quality accommodation can offer enjoyable activities such as Paragliding, kite surfing, hang gliding, and other water adventure sports that you can only do in your dreams, but Bali can fulfil this dream for you. Aside from these different water sports activities you can also try biking around the rice paddies and horseback riding on the beach underneath the sun. Additional adventure that will give you an adrenaline rush is white water rafting in river Ayung. They are also known for serving good food to their guests.

There are different villas to choose from, but you need to stick to your personal choice, but you can get important information from other people, but do not let their opinion influence your decision as you choose an accommodation for your vacation adventure. It is best if you will stick to your own needs and personal preference and use the information that you get from other travelers of a particular villa is worthy if your money and time. Accommodation can make or break your first vacation in Bali, so make sure that you will choose according to your heart’s desire. A good accommodation and good food are the perfect combination for those who wish to relax and have the best travel experience.
Sabung Ayam
Beautiful Bali Dream Holiday Chillout Cafe Del Mar Mix 2014

Hi guys, here’s my latest video mix with images of beautiful Bali for you to enjoy! Remember to tell a friend : ) XOXO, Laura


00:00 Newton – Architecture Of The Universe (Chillout Mix)
05:49 Alexel – 6 days
11:35 Jean Mare – A Better Place (Easy Lounge Vocal Mix)
16:25 Roman Bunka & Hammond Schneider – Afsana
21:14 Ambitus – Lovecraft
25:28 Cindy Le Bon – About Nothing
29:01 The Compunist – Daddy (Funky Lounge Mix)
33:38 Newton – Thefutureandthepast (Loungebar Cut)
37:25 Photo – A Touch Of MCs (Photo in Lounge)
40:53 Marie Therese – Take This Treasure
45:10 Ingo Herrmann – Symbiose
49:12 Avalon Project – I Can Read Your Mind (Chill Breeze Mix)
54:43 Trillian Miles – Swamp Girl
57:55 Rhodescreen – Blue Mars
01:04:01 Pantaea – Chillin Time (Easy Guitar Mix)

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Sabung Ayam