Experience the Difference With an Upscale World Cruise

If its glamour and luxury you want to combine in a cruise around the world, then you have the option of paying a little extra for an upscale world cruise. These cruises consist of many ports of call in as many as 27 countries on five continents of the world.

You can choose to cruise the coast of Africa and the Mediterranean, experience the culture of the Far East and relax in the ambiance of Hawaii, Australia, and the islands of Fiji all while experiencing sights that few people get to see. The aim of an upscale around the world cruise (http://www.amttravel.com/cruise-lines/5-star-world-cruises.html) is to make the cruising experience as glamorous and luxurious as possible.

Instead of having an overnight or day-long stay in a port of call, with an upscale world cruise you could spend several days or even a week in one location so that your get to experience everything this destination has to offer. In this manner you have ample time to explore the sights and attractions as well as immerse yourself in the culture.

How does a cruise that will take you to both Alaska and Hawaii sound to you? This is one of the unique around the world cruises (http://www.amttravel.com/cruise-lines/around-the-world-cruises.html) you can choose to take. In this manner you will get to see two different types of temperatures, which means you have to bring clothing for warm and cold climates. You can choose a cruise that departs from either Alaska or Hawaii or from a point in between at Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

Another unique upscale world cruise will take you to Australia and New Zealand so that you can experience the culture and attractions of the land down under. Some of these world cruises also include points in China, Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia. Start your cruising vacation in Vancouver, B.C. and sail to the islands of the Caribbean and points in Mexico. You will sail through the Panama Canal and stop in the popular tourist vacation destinations.

There are also packages for an upscale world cruise that will take you to destinations within Europe. An example of this type of world cruise will depart from Holland, travel to London, England, Paris, France and destinations in Ireland, Wales and Belgium. The cruise will then continue down the Atlantic coast to destinations in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, giving you the experience of many different cultures rolled into one package.

Some of the upscale world cruises are quite long, spanning several months in duration. The longest upscale world cruise departs from San Francisco and visits the countries of Rarotango, the Cook Islands Mandang, Papua New Guinea,Vietnam, Kuala Lampur and back to Spain.

You then sail across the Atlantic ending the cruise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida so that you sail both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the South China Seas. It lasts for about 115 days and is very popular with those who want to escape the cold winter months by spending them sailing in warmer waters.

The cruise ships used for upscale world cruises are smaller, which makes for a more intimate vacation. The amenities on the ships are world-class with everything designed for your ultimate comfort. The gourmet meals are prepared by famous chefs from all over the world and the minute details are considered in planning your comforts in the spacious staterooms. The cruise ship is very similar to that of a five star hotel where you have everything you need at your fingertips combined with individual pampering and attention.
Sabung Ayam
Papua – a cultural and botanical expedition in New Guinea

A documentary about our 2013 expedition across Papua, the Indonesian administered half of the island of New Guinea. Our culture and botany based itinerary took in Jayapura; Wamena; the Dani tribe in Baliem Valley; observation of orchids and carnivorous plants, such as Nepenthes Paniculata; and the discovery of some new species.

– “Revival” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
– “Noble Savage” Matthew Caldwell

– “Cultural Imperialism” Matthew Caldwell

– “Palm Oil Futures” Matthew Caldwell

Questo documentario racconta il nostro viaggio in Papua, la provincia indonesiana dell’isola della Nuova Guinea, per esplorare la cultura e la flora locale.

Este documentário narra a viagem de Papua, província indonésia da ilha de Nova Guiné, para explorar a cultura ea flora locais.

Este documental relata el viaje a Papúa, la provincia indonesia de la isla de Nueva Guinea, para explorar la cultura y la flora local.

Этот документальный фильм рассказывает нашу поездку в Папуа, индонезийской провинции на острове Новая Гвинея, изучить культуру и местную флору.

Film dokumenter ini menceritakan perjalanan kami ke Papua, provinsi Indonesia di pulau New Guinea, untuk mengeksplorasi budaya dan flora lokal.

يروي هذا الفيلم الوثائقي رحلتنا إلى بابوا المقاطعة الاندونيسية في جزيرة غينيا الجديدة، لاستكشاف الثقافة والنباتات المحلية



Dokumentaryo na ito recounts aming paglalakbay sa Papua, ang Indonesian lalawigan sa isla ng New Guinea, upang galugarin ang kultura at mga lokal na flora.

Ce documentaire raconte notre voyage en Papouasie, la province indonésienne de l’île de Nouvelle-Guinée, à la découverte de la culture et de la flore locales.

Dieser Dokumentarfilm erzählt von unserer Reise nach Papua, dem indonesischen Provinz auf der Insel Neu-Guinea, um die Kultur und die lokale Flora zu erkunden.

इस वृत्तचित्र संस्कृति और स्थानीय वनस्पतियों का पता लगाने के लिए, पापुआ न्यू गिनी के द्वीप पर इंडोनेशियाई प्रांत के लिए हमारी यात्रा बताता है.


이 다큐멘터리는 문화와 지역의 식물을 탐구하는, 파푸아 뉴기니의 섬에 인도네시아 지방에 우리의 여행을 이야기한다.

Ten dokument opisuje naszą podróż do Papui, indonezyjskiej prowincji na wyspie Nowej Gwinei, do odkrywania kultury i miejscowej flory.

Bu belgesel kültür ve yerel flora keşfetmek, Papua Yeni Gine adasında Endonezya il gezisi anlatıyor.

Tento dokumentární film vypráví náš výlet do Papuy, indonéské provincii na ostrově Nová Guinea, prozkoumat kulturu a místní flóru.

Denne dokumentarfilm fortæller vores tur til Papua, den indonesiske provins på øen Ny Guinea, for at udforske den kultur og den lokale flora.

Deze documentaire vertelt onze reis naar Papua, het Indonesische provincie op het eiland Nieuw-Guinea, de cultuur en de lokale flora verkennen.

Tämä dokumentti kertoo matkamme Papua, Indonesian maakunnassa saarella Uuden-Guinean, tutkia kulttuuria ja paikallista kasvistoa.

Το ντοκιμαντέρ αφηγείται το ταξίδι μας στην Παπούα, την ινδονησιακή επαρχία στο νησί της Νέας Γουινέας, να εξερευνήσετε τον πολιτισμό και την τοπική χλωρίδα.

הסרט התיעודי הזה מגולל את הטיול שלנו לפפואה, המחוז האינדונזי באי גינאה החדשה, כדי לחקור את התרבות והצמחייה המקומית.

Dokumentari ini menceritakan perjalanan kami ke Papua, wilayah Indonesia di pulau New Guinea, untuk meneroka budaya dan flora tempatan.

این مستند بازگو سفر ما به پاپوآ، استان اندونزی در جزیره گینه نو، به بررسی فرهنگ و فلور محلی است

Sabung Ayam