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HC shoe net July 27 News Shoes Market competition is fierce. With the intensified competition in end markets, “focused on advantages, strengthen fortifications, strengthening the sites” has become a lot of business from idea to action and vivid portrayal. Today, the region you choose for a more effective Advertisement Ways and means of communication; Tomorrow, I at that site using more sophisticated methods of channel strategy and operations. You strengthen the network control, I pulled to enhance market power, we all look forward to dig three feet to be able to Amoy to more gold. Moreover, in order to scrape together more than others, almost everyone chose the same method of enhancing market?? Will Marketing Fine in the end, deep in the end! In other words, it is necessary for different regions and different consumer groups, different circumstances and different Sell Strategy (ie differentiation marketing strategy, commonly known as personalized marketing).

Time, experiential marketing has become eminent shoe carrier’s “new favorite.”
Footwear companies using experiential marketing, the key is to make communication through the service fashion, and this is the use of experience marketing the most important reason. For example, consumers buy Leather shoes , The past focus on is the essence of comfortable and durable, and now the pursuit of modern fashion culture, fashion value-added experience. Nowadays, there are many well-known footwear brands play the “cultural” brand “health” brand and so on, appears from the nature of the shoes, in fact, by brand moves to guide the new concept of consumer value-added experience.

In experiential marketing, which “experience” of the scene and the atmosphere is very important that the consumer purchase decision can have a huge impact. This is different from the traditional way of selling can provide sufficient experience to consumers, which means consumers can get more opportunities.

But in this way must be consistent with the concept of enterprise information in order to go deep into the minds of consumers to gain their acceptance and dependence. At the same time, pay attention to tap the potential demand and expectations of consumers desire, and their products good experience, pleasant feelings of sublimation for the consumer’s loyalty, will be Shoe Value added marketing success and failure. Marketing experience in the use of the time, also need to note the following: First, consumers value the lack of consumer marketing experience is the biggest bottleneck. Consumers do not fully understand the value-added content before, the most effective approach is to allow consumers to fully experience the atmosphere and the opportunity to. For example, you can in the store, Proxy Point of sale, as well as shopping centers and other public places to establish value-added content of the experience of other areas and showrooms to create a true experience of the environment, so that consumers will experience, before use. If there are some far-sighted domestic footwear (China shoes Network) Enterprise, the “shoe culture” or “shoe art” on the big issue in some important places associated with the monopoly point of sale display results and information with a special introduction to enable consumers to learn more about these new concepts and experience to the end to attract their attention and consumption.

Secondly, to enhance interaction with consumers and provide consumers with tailor-made business and services is a positive experience. For example, consumers (or specific groups) can actively participate in design and manufacturing operations into, according to their own (or specific groups) living habits and physical characteristics of products to choose customized services, so that businesses and consumers can be in business and interactive services can also be a better understanding of customer preferences and to meet their individual needs. Fortunately, there are many shoe enterprises have realized this need and have launched this business, such as buy, special code customization.

Today, the Chinese footwear market is irresistible to truly enter into the “customer is king” era of marketing, how to meet more individual needs of consumers and fully enhance consumer satisfaction, experiential marketing to get widely used. In the future market value experiential marketing will play an increasingly important role, how to cultivate the concept of consumer spending, consumer behavior training, experiential marketing for the footwear company’s future market competition will also play increasingly more important role. View more Industry News>>> SABUNG AYAM