Experts Return Weapon Fashion Of The Young New Makeup

Crush their classmates or friends gathering, or shopping, or attending family gatherings, might also participated in fashion makeup party … … they randomly meet? One Eye in the make-up of a very important role. When a new eye Makeupcolor (makeup) allows the makeup to life, make people feel high spirits.

Season when the popular new make-up

Season make up the popular charming light purple color, a pleasant green, warm pink and crisp navy, they make you equally outstanding on different occasions.

Girls refreshing sea blue Eyes: Blue’s Smart inadvertently shown in the makeup of. Golden eye shadow is still in the upper and lower eyelids spread the bottom, stressed the golden results. However, including the corner office to the marine blue light to spread with the transition to the orbit, in the end of eye Office has highlighted the dynamic spirit of the blue. Then the roots of lashes upward from the ocean blue blooming color from below, from deep to shallow gradient, so that gray and black eyebrows not play but cordial.

Cheek: pink rose color with rouge lightly hit in the circle spinning the zygomatic Department.

Lips: The red crystal rose or honey and spread evenly, and sketched out delicate lips.

Adaptation occasions: the makeup fresh bright colors, giving the feeling of Metal Mesh suitable meeting place for friends and classmates.

Charm of charming light purple monster

Eyes: this year’s party makeup, focus on the layers of smoke eye makeup. The big smoke, whether deep or murky small smoked, shining pearl texture is essential. The kind of crafted light, charming and decadent sparkle with romantic purple can reflect Enjoy. Color, the champagne gold, ice silver color is a party sense. In addition, the refreshingly sweet pale pinkish gray lines, elegant charming gold orange, deep purple, and the mysterious and romantic exotic olive green are hot this season party colors. Texture areas, such as light powdery, thick paste, soft rime are hot this season.

Cheek: spinning the point of need for partial direct rouge, face additional dimension.

Lips: lips with lipstick smeared, and then cast a layer of lightly sparkling gold.

Adaptation occasions: for dinner at fashionable balls and luxury.

Lady’s pleasure green Eyes: a hot season, green, fashion shows with a kind of yearning for spring. Sands green with green eye shadow and eyeliner with gold, layering is very clear, with long, slim and clear green mascara, clear as blue water, make people feel relaxed pleasure, dark brown eyebrows in the revealed a slight warmth.

Cheek: Light Pink Blush Powder swipe below the cheekbones to the temples in the direction, so that soft cheek color.

Lips: No painting lip line, lip gloss directly painted bright copper.

Adapt to situations: a leisurely walk in the city streets, the air is full of such pursuits. Apply to casual holiday shopping streets.

Different-shaped eye makeup tips Eyes: the advantage seems bright, gorgeous, drawback is that people “seriousness” feeling.

eye shadow with a brown or gray, so delicate and pretty deep, the upper and lower lash line to clean delicate, stressed the color to match suit color, thus highlighting the bright, beautiful features.