Explore Fes Morocco and Enjoy the Nightlife

Fes Travel Guide

Fes Morocco is also a popular destination among all in the country. Fes is the third largest city in Morocco, after Casablanca and Rabat. It has a special place in the history of Morocco. It is known among the four majestic cities, along with Rabat, Marrakech, and Meknes. Presently, Fes is separated into three sections: the Fes-Jdid, the Fes El Bali, and the Ville Nouvelle. The Fes El Bali is known for the old walled city of Fes, and also the largest city.

If you want yo get the real taste of the authentic Moroccan cuisine then you should certainly visit Le Palais de Fes. It is situated in Rue Makhfia, where you get the opportunity to enjoy dining on the terrace and have an impressive view of the Medina.

The Fes travel guide will also instruct you to visit the Dar Batha Museum. This museum was once a palace of Sultan Moulay al-Hassan I. If you want to experience royal then you should visit Dar El-Makhzen.

Nightlife in Fes

Morocco gives you the true flavor of modern entertainment. There are numerous bars, restaurants, discos and nightclubs available. You can enjoy the traditional entertainment of Morocco and experience the belly dancing and classical Moroccan music. Though alcohol is restricted in Islam, but still there are some places where you can find alcohol in abundance.

Fes is the most conservative Islamic city. The nightlife in Fes is harsh which is not on the menu. On Fes El-Bali, when you meet someone for the drink it usually means that you are looking forward to a freshly squeezed juice or the mint tea. Some of the popular places available are the cafes in Souk El Attarin, the spice marketplace, or the Souk El-Henna.

The Cafes remain open late in the night and can expect to have plenty of entertainment, during big religious feasts. The cities have fewer bars that are designed for men only and can be described as seedy. You can stick to the bars in the cities or can enjoy cultural events like live music and plays.

Sightseeing in Fes

Fes-El-Bali Medinais a mysterious, highly secretive and magical place. It is a maze of narrow, staircases and alleyways. It comes with 200 mosques, 250 hammams and 800 bread bakeries. It is an amazing place.

Tanneries Souq isan amazing site which can give you the opportunity to see how leather was dyed for centuries, and the system still persists today. You will get the pungent smell of the place. The pits are filled with the lively, stark colors and the hides are drying on the rooftops that offer a unique sight.

Nejjarine Museum is the beautiful museum that worth visiting. You need to visit the terrace which offers the magnificent view. The well renovated founduq really looks amazing.

With the sightseeing in Fes you can really gain an amazing experience. There is Dar Batha that creates an interest in the mind of the visitors and it is a proof of the craftsmanship.
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