Exploring A Career As A Paralegal

Paralegal careers can be very rewarding, and they can also be very interesting work. There are several things to know about this type of job. Here is information to consider.

Duties may vary according to the practice, and you may be involved in a number of things. However, assistants are not allowed to practice law. This includes presenting cases at trial and giving advice on legal matters.

The assistant may help the attorney prepare for court cases. Attorneys may also require help with hearings or special meetings. As an assistant, you may be required to research matters connected with a specific case. You may need to look through previous legal decisions and laws that pertain to the case.

You could be required to make written reports on the information that you gather. This is very important for many attorneys. They may refer to this information at trial.

You might be required to draw up papers for legal proceedings. These may include law suits and motions to be filed in court. You may also be asked to draw up affidavits and take statements from witnesses.

You could be required to take care of matters like financial records. You may draft agreements of separation or mortgage papers. The attorney may do estate planning, and you could be the one that prepares the paperwork.

You should be familiar with computers, also. Much of your research may be looking through various data bases. You may also need to frequent a law library for your research.

Local community colleges may offer a special two year course in legal assistant training. It is also possible to receive a four year degree at many colleges. There is the possibility of receiving on the job training, too.

It is important to research any training beforehand. Some programs will have more opportunities than others. For example, you may have the chance for job placement after graduation.


A career as a legal assistant can be a rewarding opportunity. As an assistant, you will not be allowed to give legal advice or practice law. You might be required to research legal cases. This may also include interviewing witnesses. Preparing reports may be a necessary part of your job. Assistants also prepare many types of legal papers and drafts. It is important to understand the use of computers. You may receive a two year or four year degree. There is also the chance of receiving on the job training as a paralegal. SABUNG AYAM