External Hard Drive – Backing Up Your Computer

Backing up those important files on your computer is very critical and should be done on a regular basis. Remember if you can’t afford to loose it, then back it up. The good news I will share with you in this article is that the external hard drive is one of the safest but simplest ways to protect and back up those precious files on your computer.

For most of us backing up our computer files simply means making sure we protect those important baby pictures, last year’s Christmas photos and those vacation shots. We may also have some music , and some important word documents we do not wish to lose.

External hard drives can be purchased at most large retail stores and they are very reasonable in price. The average person needs about a 250 gigabyte, this should be sufficient.

To use your new hard drive and back up your files, begin by plugging the USB cable on the device into your USB port in your computer. The computer will automatically recognize the device and will open a window showing you the external hard drives main content files.

Your next step is to scroll down and click on the files folder this will take you to a new window which shows you what is exactly being stored on the hard drive.

Your final step is to pick the file you wish to back up on the new hard drive. Then to transfer the file over to the new device, you simply drag it over to the window which shows you what is in the external hard drive and you will see that the file you dragged is showing it as stored safely in the external hard drive.

I am convinced that backing up your important files is a must. Those once in a lifetime pictures are too valuable to let a computer error take them away. Always remember it is better to be safe than to be sorry.