Face Lift: 4 Types Of Rhytidectomies

A face lift is a broad term to describe a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the face to “lift” a sagging face. There are four main types, and each differs by the area of the face that is being reconstructed. The least invasive of these surgeries is a mini face lift. This procedure is best for younger patients who have just begun to see minor signs of aging and sagging skin. Both the endoscopic and traditional methods are used to target specific areas of the face, although the procedure cannot target the forehead or brow area.

Both techniques use small incisions, which reduces the risks of complications, and decreases recovery time. A mid face lift covers the middle part of the face, which includes the eyes, cheeks, and corners of the mouth. It is similar to the mini face lift because it is better suited for younger patients, and is less invasive than the other varieties. This procedure can be performed in less than an hour, and involves removing fat around the eyes to erase the “puffy” look. Additionally, the surgeon will manipulate the fat and muscles in the cheeks and corners of the mouth to return a youthful look to the face. The mini and the mid do not recover extensive recovery time.

For some patients, excess skin has created a “double-chin,” the lower face procedure works to improve the appearance of the face along the jawline. This procedure is more invasive and can be performed endoscopically, or traditionally, with a long incision made behind the base of the ear. Endoscopic surgeries use a few small incisions to insert a camera underneath the skin that will guide the surgeon to seperate the excess skin and fat.

Although this method makes smaller incisions that require less stitching, the traditional method allows the surgeon to manipulate the skin and fat with better ease, making the reconstructive efforts more noticeable. This surgery can be more extensive and is sometimes combined with a neck lift, brow lift, or liposuction. However, this can lead to a long and uncomfortable recovery period before seeing the full results.

Consult a doctor to find the best surgery options. Younger patients tend to have more skin and muscle retention, and may not require an invasive surgery. The more invasive options can produce dramatic results, but be prepared for a major surgical procedure, especially if it is combined with a brow lift or liposuction. SABUNG AYAM