Face Lift Surgery ? Become Beautiful Once More!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be young and beautiful forever? Imagine having glowing and smooth skin and a flawless face; you would certainly be a head turner wherever you go to. But reality paints a different picture altogether. As time passes, the skin on the face and neck becomes loose, bags develop under the eyes, and wrinkles are formed.

Is there a way that these can be prevented? You bet there is. The ideal solution to actually “stop ageing” is to go for a face lift surgery. Be it tightening of the skin, removal of wrinkles or evening out the grooves that have formed on the face; face lift surgery can perform miracles. All you have to do is consult a good cosmetic surgeon so that he can work on your face.
You need to discuss all the procedures that you want done with your doctor. Make sure you clearly state what your requirements are. It has been observed that improperly done procedures on the face have produced disastrous results. Therefore it is very important that you provide your doctor with your case history and define your requirements clearly.

Before the operation begins, you will be given a mild sedative for anesthesia. For simple face lifts, an incision is made behind your ears and then extending it into the hairline. Earlier, the surgeon would scrape of the excess fat from the cheekbones and other areas of the face. But nowadays, skin is tightened without removing any excess skin or fat. This method can also be called as re-contouring.

Re-contouring preserves the fat and skin of the face and gives it a more natural look. Plastic surgeries that dealt with removal of skin and fat used to give an artificial appearance. After the surgery, the incisions are stitched shut. You might have a scar where the incisions were done, but it will fade away after a few weeks.

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