Face Tightening Exercises

Four days ago I was looking in the mirror and there was just something about my face that I thought was just not looking right. So I fired up my laptop and went straight to big brother Google to see if there was something I could do to my face, without actually going under the knife.

That was my first encounter with what I soon discovered are called face tightening exercises. You can apparently use these to work out different muscles on your face, just the same way as you work out your biceps or abdominal muscles in the gym.

I have been trying out some of these face exercises, and I can feel them working. They are a few that I like, and you probably would like them too.

Face Exercise #1: The Anti-Wrinkle Arch

This exercise has been known to be very effective when it comes to wrinkle and age-line busting. You can also use it to tone your upper facial muscles and this helps to prevent hooded eye-lids.

Face Exercise #2: The Eyebrow Lift

This is a simple exercise that will tone the muscles around the eyes as well as strengthen and firm the area around the eyes. It also like the one above prevents the hooded lids look, and at the same time will also be rejuvenating the delicate skin that is found around your eyes. In the long run this reduces the appearance of those wrinkles and pesky wrinkle lines.

Face Exercise #3: The Face Smoother

Although this one was a little complicated to perform at first, after a few minutes working on it I think I got the hang of it. This exercise can be used to drastically give your face muscle tone as well as your facial skin a great workout. It is the best choice for people with sagging jaws, or puffy cheeks.

So I have only been doing these facial tightening exercises for a few days and already I am starting to feel the difference in my face. I am sure doing these for a few more weeks I should also start to see the results.