Facebook 101 for Franchise Owners

Some franchisors in New York allow their franchisees to operate their own social media accounts for their franchises while other individuals prefer that these platforms only be operated at the corporate level. So ahead of opening up a Twitter account or generating a Facebook web page for your franchise, it really is crucial to know what the rules are for your particular enterprise. If you are permitted to have your own franchise accounts, it can be to your benefit to do so as extended as you know how to maximize your ROI. In this article, we will go over how franchisees can make the most of Facebook business pages:
Let’s take a appear at a couple of suggestions from the pros:
1.Supply a peak behind the curtain
Like other social media platforms, Facebook is about developing a partnership with your audience. One particular way to do this is to let your viewers feel that they have the “inside track” on what is going on at your enterprise. For example, if you are conducting renovations, post a couple of pictures of the transformation as it takes spot. If your company hosts birthday parties for children, post a handful of images of your staff as they decorate! Be inventive and encourage your audience to be as excited about the factors that go on behind the scenes as you are.
2.Upload videos straight to Facebook
If you have a YouTube account for your franchise, probabilities are that you are nonetheless posting YouTube hyperlinks on Facebook. But Facebook now offers the alternative to upload videos directly to Facebook rather. What is the benefit of this? It really is truly very easy – Facebook’s algorithms will give priority to Facebook videos over YouTube videos – which signifies that when you upload straight to Facebook, a lot more men and women will see your video in their newsfeed.
3.Share exclusive provides
If you want buyers and prospects to “Like’ your franchise’s business page, then 1 way to attract them is by providing incentives. Facebook is a excellent platform to share unique deals and coupons to your devoted fans. Not only will this assist attract much more organization to your franchise, but you will also see an enhance in followers seeking to cash in on the subsequent deal.
4.Run a contest
There are many methods that you can run a Facebook contest whilst promoting your franchise at the very same time. 1 idea is to have a photo contest exactly where patrons take photographs of themselves at your establishment. You can either choose the winner yourself, or you can have them share the photo to get as numerous “likes” as attainable from their friends and loved ones. This second method is a great way to introduce your company to even a lot more folks. Just make confident you stick to the contest terms and circumstances set out by Facebook along with local contest laws.
5.Interact with your fans
Unlike other types of media, social media is a two-way dialogue. When people post comments on your page – even adverse ones – it is important to respond and show them that you happen to be listening. It is also a good idea to interact with other pages.
For example, did your workers participate in a fundraiser for a regional charity? Then post a image of your group on that charity’s web page!
six.Generate a custom tab
This final point requires a little more programming understanding, but it is worth doing even if you have to pay a third party. Custom tabs can be created for your franchise’s Facebook page for a number of purposes. These might consist of a menu if you serve food, a quote calculator or calendar of upcoming events.
As a New York franchisee, you can use Facebook for the advantage of your enterprise – but it pays to know the tricks of the trade.