Facial Exercise to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Women, since time immemorial, have mixed potions and lotions, creams and gels in a bid to maintain their youthful looks. Many have tried to fight the signs of aging by going under the surgeon’s knife to get a facelift done to erase wrinkles and lines on the face and neck. Several others continue to resort to other options like Botox and collagen injections to wipe out those telltale lines and plumping up their facial skin.

However, all those techniques and methods for bringing back one’s youthful looks have their drawbacks. Either they are too expensive and unaffordable by a large percentage of the female population, or they simply do not deliver what they promise. Worse, there are cases of surgeries gone wrong leaving the face looking more scarred than it was before the operation. Several cosmetic solutions like glycolic peels to reduce wrinkles also have their side effects.

So, how can a woman minimize the wrinkles on her face as she ages, without having to go under the knife or suffer any of the side effects of peels and masks? Does advancing age mean the end of youthful looking skin? Is there a safe way to prevent or reduce wrinkles and laughter lines that develop with the passing of years? According to estheticians who administer facial massages and facial exercises prior to a facial microdermabrasion or chemical peel, ‘exercises for face’ are very effective in minimizing wrinkles.

Face exercises have grown in popularity because of their non-invasive nature. They can be practiced by anyone in the privacy of their home. Young women can perform these ‘exercises for face’ to prevent early signs of aging of the face. Older women who have already developed lines and wrinkles can also benefit from these exercises. Just like you give your body a workout for overall improvement in fitness, exercises for the face contribute to improved ‘face fitness’ levels.

Practiced regularly, women have found that dramatic changes in the lines on their face within a few weeks. Estheticians and beauticians claim that these face exercises improve blood circulation in the face, which in turn boosts collagen and elastic production. Both these substances in the skin are important to keep the skin supple and youthful looking. Women with large open pores have reported a huge improvement in the size of the pores after these exercises. Because the skin’s natural oils get redistributed as a result of the exercises, the pores tend to shrink, giving the skin an even tone.

There are a series of exercises targeting each part of the face, from the eyes and forehead, lips and cheeks, and the neck and chin. All it takes is half an hour of private time in front of the mirror. Privacy is recommended because some of the exercises involve making funny expressions, such as looking up at the ceiling and moving your lips, or sticking out your tongue.

Another important benefit of these ‘exercises for face’ is the draining of excess lymph, which has a detoxifying effect on the facial skin. This lymph draining is facilitated by the exercises, that improve the complexion by clearing impurities and dead cells from the lower layers of the skin. The overall advantage is that skin becomes devoid of excess fluids and puffiness.

With so much being said in support of facial exercises to reduce wrinkles, they surely are a safe bet for any woman to try. They are free, can be practiced in the comfort of one’s bedroom, and they have absolutely no side effects. Facial muscles get a workout, impurities will get drained out and your face will glow once again. Facial exercises are highly recommended for the prevention and reduction of wrinkles, making your skin supple and crease-free. You can now confidently say goodbye to worn-out, tired-looking skin and reignite your youthful beauty once again!