Facial Wart Removal – 5 Top Secret Methods Revealed For the First Time

Facial warts can be an embarrassing problem to have. If you are someone who at the wits ends to find a permanent cure for this problem, then there is some good news waiting for you. Facial wart removal is now possible and that too without the use of any prescription medication. There are many proven natural facial wart removal remedies that you can try. Listed below are some of the best removal methods that were hitherto unknown to most.

1. An age old facial wart removal method that is highly effective is crushing garlic cloves and then putting them on the infected part of the skin. You can then cover the particular spot with either a piece of cloth or a bandage. The warts will surely fall off in about a week’s time if you were to follow this method.

2. Dandelion stem extract is known to be another highly effective herbal remedy for removal of warts, particularly from the facial area. The milky liquid once applied on the warts, works wonders. You will be back to having a flawless complexion in a few days time.

3. You can take the extracts of fruits such as pineapples, bananas and grapes in a bandage and then place it over the infected area of the skin. This process should be repeated at least twice in a day for a week. You will be amazed by the effectiveness of this simple facial wart removal method.

4. Another very effective method of facial wart removal is to take some honey and apply it on the infected skin, twice a day. The warts would gradually disappear, if you were to follow this method for a few days.

5. Cooked cabbage when placed on the warts is also known to be helpful in removing them, in a matter of only a few days.