Fact Or Fiction? You Can Make a Lot of Money With eBooks

Not that long ago I received an e-mail from a fellow living in Australia. He wanted to know if it was really possible to make money with eBooks. Looking at this question from his perspective, it’s easy to understand why someone might be skeptical. Every day we’re bombarded with all kinds of business opportunities. Many of these so-called opportunities are dubious at best, and outright wastes of time and money at worst. So it’s easy to see why someone would be a bit skeptical about the idea of making money on the Internet with eBooks.

So let’s take a closer look at the eBook publishing business. First of all, you’re dealing with a legitimate digital product that’s a lot like software. Nobody would question whether or not software is legitimate, we’re all used to hearing about software. It’s something of a household term. On other hand, eBooks are a bit less familiar to most people. Here’s the key to understanding what they are. When you break the word apart, you’re left with “electronic book.” Most of us know what books are. So just imagine a book, except that it’s in digital format. You read it on your computer, or on a specialized eBook reading device. If you choose to print an eBook, then you’ll have a physical manuscript version.

After I explained this to the fellow who e-mailed me, it started to make more sense. He then asked me what the best approach would be for someone to get involved in this business. You basically have two options when it comes to making money with eBooks on the Internet. Your first option is to figure everything out on your own through costly and time consuming trial and error. Your second option is to invest in a proven “road map” that can show you how to shortcut your way to success. Having an easy-to-follow action plan will help you avoid the money losing mistakes that aspiring eBook publishers accidentally make. You will also be saving a lot of time and avoiding needless frustration.