Factors You Must Consider Before Building Any Chicken Coops

Any person that is planning on raising chickens at their home needs to be sure that you have a good hen house for them. Building chicken coops is the most inexpensive way to get the housing you require, but first you need to be made aware of the factors to consider before you enve begin creating it.

There are many factors to take into consideration if you really want to build safe housing for your chickens, but the following are the most vital.

One: Size – The size of the hen house you will need is going to be determined by the number of chickens you plan on raising. The houses can be located in sizes that are small medium and large.

You need to figure this out first thing because this will also help you figure out what hen house plans you need to build the perfect sized housing for the chickens.

One thing to consider is the size of housing you will require because the right size is imperative to the comfort of the chickens and their egg laying ability.

It is much better to build a hen house that is too large than it is to build one that is too small. Plus, a larger size will let you add more chickens in the future if you decide to.

Two: Fixed or portable – There are two different types of hen houses you can build, one that is portable or one that is fixed in place. The type that you choose is completely up to you and the number of chickens you have.

The portable hen house, since is can be moved is simpler to maintain and keep clean. The fixed chicken coop is more stable and structurally sound. Plus, this type of housing has a tendency to last longer than a portable one does.

The type you build is completely up to you, but remember to think of your chickens and their safety and comfort before making your final decision.

Three: Protection – Chickens are very vulnerable creatures due to their small sizes. You have to provide them with housing that will protect them the elements and from predators.

No matter what sized housing you decide on, it is a good idea to have solid fencing attached to the housing to keep the chickens protected at all times from predators. Providing them with the right sized housing where they can be inside it comfortably is what will protect them from the elements.

Now that you are aware of the major factors to consider before building any chicken coops, you are more prepared to undertake this task for yourself. Just make sure you locate good building plans to teach you how to build what you require so you can get the correct housing as soon as possible.
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