Family Guy Box Sets – Comedy at Its Best

Why you need the Family Guy Box Sets in your collection:

There was once a belief that cartoons were merely for children. This belief however is one that has been turned around thanks to aspects such as Japanese animation, The Simpsons, Futurama, South Park and American Dad and of course the much loved Family Guy. All of these are prime examples of how cartoons have been brought into the limelight for adults.

All of the shows mentioned above contain very strong adult material and, with the exception of The Simpsons, aren’t shows that you would be playing to your young children. Adult humor is the main theme within them, making them adult comedy shows that have an average audience viewing age of people in their teenage years through to people in the thirties. These programs have all been running now for a number of years and as a result have several series out and I think it’s safe to say that everyone has a favorite. In my opinion the funniest is without a doubt Family Guy! Not only is this show the funniest it is also the one that holds the most original and creative concept.

Family Guy box sets now have an impressive seven series to its name as well as several films including Blue Harvest and Family Guy presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. It is an example of a series that confronts political problems and global news stories in a humorous manner and it never fails to uncover new and original ways in which to poke fun at aspects of US culture and way of life. So what is all the fuss about?

The concept of Family Guy is focused around the lives of a family where bizarre and ridiculous events often occur. There are six members that make up the Griffin family, which are Peter the father, Lois the mother, Stewie the baby, Chris the son, Meg the daughter and Brian the dog. Each character has their own role to play within the show; however it often occurs that the primary focus is placed on the characters such as Peter, Stewie and Brian.

The series was originally created by Seth MacFarlane and was first aired in January 1999. The debut show was entitled ‘Death has a Shadow’ and was mainly focused around the character of Stewie trying to kill his mother Lois; a storyline that has ran throughout all of the series that have been produced. Also every series that has been produced has pushed the boundaries that little bit further. It is defiantly a show that you should watch if you haven’t already seen it. I can safely say that fans of The Simpsons and South Park will thoroughly enjoy watching this, which is why I highly believe that you NEED this Family Guy box sets in your life.