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Indonesia in Greek means Indian islands. It has more than 17,000 islands, out of which more than 5,000 are inhabited and stretched between the Asian continents of Asia and Australia. Its main islands are Sulawesi Irian Jaya, Java and Sumatra Kalimantan. The country tropical climate is seen to be devoid of spring and autumn seasons.

Its culture includes temple and folk dances, boisterous play and shadow puppeteer. Its favorite cuisine includes fish as fresh, dried, paste and smoked one. Its traditional staple food includes rice corn, cassava, sago and sweet potatoes.

Its snow capped peaks of Papua, smoking volcanoes; jungles and mountains are favourites of trekkers. Carstensz Pyramid is covered with snow and is considered to be the Papuas highest mountain, and popularly known by the name of Puncak Jaya.

It also offers biologically diverse waters for different diving options, such as tourist can have a dip at the Bali coast or a live aboard to the Sulawesi’s Wakatobi, Komodo Islands and Lembeh Strait, Alor and Flores. And also experience its marine life that includes barracudas, mantas and colourful cuttlefish.

Indonesia also has few of the remaining tribal groups in the world and tourists watch their living styles with curiosity and eagerness.

Bali is the province in Indonesia. It is divided into nine major regions stretched from west to east naming Tabanan, Jembrana, Denpasar, Gianyar, Badung, Klungkung, Karangasem, Bangli and Buleleng region. Bali is a home to an estimated 900-1,000 marine species and Komodo Dragons, giant monitor lizards.

It is also called as “The Island of God and “The Island of Thousand Temples” as the majority of its population follow Hindu religion and have their deity temple at their living place.

The country also has rainforest study areas at Camp Leakey in Kalimantan and Tanjing Putting National Park. Komodo National Park is an ecotourism destination that includes three big Komodo islands, Padar and Rinca, and various smaller islands.

It has Sipiso-piso waterfall, Taman Hutan, Raya Bung Hatta, and Pandaan beach. It also has various national parks, such as Bali Barat, Baluran, Barisan Selatan and Kerinci-Seblat National Park.

Indonesia is a blend of beaches, forests and cities. A visit to the Ministry of Forestry’s feed station provides a chance to interact with the orangutans directly. Tour agencies arrange trips with better deals on national airline tickets and arrange for transportation and accommodation as well. The various hotels offers discount packages to the tourists based on number of days to stay and services.
Sabung Ayam
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