Famous Divorces in Hollywood

Regarding the increasing rate of Hollywood celebrity divorces, the marriage seems to be the perilous venture. Hence, celebrity divorce comes as no shock or surprise for fans and the public. However, they surely become exciting headlines for Hollywood paparazzi news.


Recently, “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria has filed court papers divorce basketball star Tony Parker. The separation stated irreconcilable differences. In fact, Tony Parker had maintained illicit affairs with another woman for nearly one year. They were married in July 2007 and had no children. After the divorce, the posting on their Twitter accounts still said, “We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness.” There are countless numbers of divorce in the movie capital of the world. Let’s review the most famous break-ups.


Sandra Bullock filed legal papers seeking to end her nearly five-year marriage with Jesse James right after she won Oscar for Best Actress. Jesse James was claimed to have illicit affairs with several women.


Berry and Benet ended up the marriage after three years together. Benet cheated countless times on his wife


Recently, The “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria has filed court papers divorce basketball star Tony Parker


It was revealed that Chelsea defender Cole had sent lewd pictures on his mobile telephone to a topless model. Another woman also claimed that she and Cole spent a night together at a hotel right before he played an England match. Before two weeks after the crucial England matches, he received divorce settlement from his beautiful wife – Cheryl Cole.


The controversial romance of Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty ended when Sienna Miller informed their divorce on Friday, November 7. The couple did not reveal any reasons behind the breakup.


Sienna Miller was cheated for the second time when her husband Jude Law had an affair earlier this year with his children’s nanny. One of Law’s children caught them in bed together.


Ryan Phillippe announced the divorce with Reese Witherspoon in Men’s Health. It is said that the break up more or less relates to Abbie Cornish – Ryan’s co-star.


Kevin Federline left a pregnant Shar Jackson for a lovely & available Britney Spears.


LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are in a happy relationship at the moment. However, Rimes have been involved in the shocking love affair when she was still Dean Sheremet’s wife.


Hugh Grant cheated on beautiful Elizabeth Hurley with a lady of the night.



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