Fast Food Joints And Half Gnawled Chicken Wings

In today’s fast food market place one needs to be well aware of the competition and to be one step ahead at all times because, well, let’s be honest, fast food kills.

Once we get past all the silly debate and we no longer care about who wins the debate, the scientific evidence is valid; fast food damages the heart and carries toxins throughout the body, clogs arteries and all that other stuff.
But, no one is force feeding you fried chicken and French fries. You go out of your way to buy this food for the convenience, for the taste and whatever.

One thing that McDonald’s has done to cater to their target market, the minority marketplace, specifically the black niche market is they’ve advertised their modest financial investment into this particular group with small donations to minority financial assistance programs for university education and other small assistance processes to selfishly gain a competitive edge on this market by offering discounted food vouchers in urban areas where this particular population dominates the region.

Even underfunded public schools in economically depressed areas have allowed this and other fast food joints into the public schools in this particular area.

Look on the opposite end of the spectrum Kentucky Fried Chicken, does little advertising and even less to cater to their target market, same as above but to add insult to injury the kitchens of these franchise establishments are particularly filthy.

Case in point, the North Wales, Pennsylvania location of KFC directly across from the Montgomery Mall has a reputation for literally chewing the skin off of the chicken they are putting in the drive through containers and laughing about it. This disgusting practice has been filmed and publicized throughout the Philadelphia suburb and while the clientele for this particular franchise has dwindled, it still thrives as hundreds of uninformed customers order buckets of half gnawed chicken parts to take home and feed to their families.

I’m waiting for a fast food chain to offer truly respectable service with a substance that isn’t going to damage the entrails of it’s customer base via cholesterol aortic valve seizure or food poisoning like our friends at the North Wales, PA Kentucky Fried Chicken. Parents who care should just stay home and feed their families home cooked meals instead of chopping away years of their children’s lives with this filth.
Sabung Ayam
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