Father’s Day Suning Retail Occasion To Launch A Large Recruitment Of Skiing – Suning Appliance,

Home Network News HC : Relevant data, May national fiscal revenue grew 4.8%, 1-May national financial revenue fell 6.7%. Although the recent growth in financial revenue, but the previous May data, the phenomenon of economic slowdown is still prominent.

Relevant state industrial industries since the promulgation of the restructuring and revitalization program, especially in recent

Home Appliances Industrial hot spots are frequent, every move factories and retailers of concern. Historically, the Spring Festival, May 1, Dragon Boat Festival, 11 factories and other traditional holidays are a time when retailers compete for often during this period of

Sell Comparable to normal one month’s sales. Economy is slowly recovering with the occasion, major retailers are expanding sales point, not just on the traditional holidays, and even in the “Valentine’s Day,” “Mother’s Day,” “Father’s Day,” the park to goods should be held during the large-scale promotional activities. Although the West is used so generally suspected, but no doubt a period of corporate self-help in the way of economic depression, and in the course of business, on sales of both upstream and downstream manufacturers would produce a certain stimulus.

Learned, home appliance retail chain giant
Suning Electric Father’s Day an occasion to start this weekend, “Summer Snow Story Member” large promotions. Changed the mode of appliance retail sales, Suning play family card 10 in the whole Beijing looking for a good father, a family of three can go skiing in summer. It is understood that summer skiing is still an emerging sport, newspapers rarely seen relevant reports. Journalists were interviewed passers-by, the statistics of most of the activities of such people show an interest. Way in the promotion, Suning also used the popular network of sea-election in recent years means that Beijing can log on any of the designated site of a father, the story by uploading photos and tenderness in the form of the ballot. At last, the public Internet voting to elect 10 a good father the sea can be a family of three to ski.

With Suning Appliance, led by retail sales, not only in rich and varied in form, the holidays

Gift Also prepared under the foot a lot of effort. With more and more fashion father, Father’s Day “Old Three-like” gift that people can not meet current consumer demand, mainly electrical gifts to fine more of them into a fashion family. Shavers,

Mobile , Digital Products, a new era of Father’s Day has become the “new three things.” Reporter learned from Suning, famous knife gift to a Father’s Day discounts for just 207 yuan during the 8; 10 million digital cameras, after a straight down 349 yuan fetched only 1150 yuan; and another with a button for help, hearing aids and other functions

Nokia Filial new listing priced at just 399 yuan phone; Dopod official can handle complex business phone a straight down 318 yuan, cost just 2480 yuan; massage pad an 7 discount for just 680. . . . . .

Excellent addition to the above gifts, the Suning also introduced the 3C products share a movie to accompany his father’s activities, to purchase 3C Suning over 1,500 yuan can get two movie tickets, movie files recently released a large wheel turning, keep Dad Father’s Day Dad go to the movies is also good choice. SABUNG AYAM