Faulty Genes Cause Obesity In Women

There is a bad news for some ladies as researchers have blamed it to genes for the reason to become obese. According to the researchers ladies are more likely to be affected by the variations and it is genes which are responsible for giving someone an apple or pear shaped figure.

The study was carried out by a large international consortium of researchers, called the Genetic Investigation of Anthropometric Traits (GIANT) consortium and it was published in the journal Nature Genetics.

This is a large study which pooled data from 61 studies involving more than 200,000 (two hundred thousand) people. The study was conducted on the people living in Europe only as including people from different ethnicities could affect the results. The research aimed at identifying the areas in the DNA which influence waist to hip ratio. The researchers also investigated whether certain variations were associated with Waist to hip ratio in women but not men, and vice versa.

According to the report waist to hip ratio is affected by genetic factors that appear to be independent of body mass index (BMI) or the overall amount of body fat. Scientists and other researchers discovered that 13 new mutations are somehow responsible why some are voluptuous and others have figures like skinny models.

In addition, they have also found 18 mutations linked to a higher risk of obesity, leading to hope of a treatment for the condition which threatens the health of millions. It is believed that those who carry more fat around their waists compared to bottoms and thighs are more prone to diabetes and heart disease. With the findings scientists hope to understand the biological processes better.

In conclusion scientists said that they have evidence that there are multiple genes that have an effect on body fat distribution. And this effect is independent of overall body fat, and it occurs differently in men and women.

This study could further help in assessing the genes that are involved in cardiovascular risk. Scientists also hope that by identifying genes linked to obesity they can discover ways to turn off impulses in the brain which make people over eat. Hopefully, an improved understanding of the genetics of fat distribution and obesity will lead to better ways of preventing obesity and reducing cardiovascular risk.

Obesity is slowly but steadily becoming the most common disease worldwide and will soon take over cancer as the leading cause of death. As obesity is known to lead to heart diseases, diabetes , high blood pressure and even kidney problems. This newer research will help fight this silent killer. SABUNG AYAM