Fiber Cement Siding in New Jersey or Vinyl

Of all the things a person purchases in their lifetime, the most expensive asset they will ever buy is a home. A home is many more times expensive than the next most expensive asset most people buy, a car. Because the home is so expensive, it is very important to protect this most valuable asset. The first line of defense of the home is the siding that protects the exterior. Of the many popular materials used for siding today, fiber-cement siding and vinyl siding are two of the most popular.

Both of these sidings are rated highly for their durability and low maintenance. Vinyl siding in New Jersey has been historically cheaper, and has been more prone to crack, fade, break, and fall. However, newer types of vinyl siding are much more durable than previous types. Manufacturers today, are often so confident in the durability of their vinyl siding in New Jersey that they will offer a lifetime warranty on it. Fiber-cement siding is also so durable that the manufacturers of that product, are also willing to offer a lifetime warranty on it. Both the warranties offered by the fiber cement siding and vinyl siding are able to be transferred upon sale of the home. This can be a valuable warranty to someone selling the home. Perspective buyers of a home are generally leery of the condition of a home, but can be reassured by a home owner who was willing to get quality siding in New Jersey that has a lifetime warranty.

Both fiber-cement siding in New Jersey and vinyl siding are meant to look like wood. They have distinct advantages over wood though. Wood requires a good amount of maintenance. Wood requires a good stain, sealant, and or paint to keep the wood looking nice. The protective coats of stain, sealant, and or paint also prevent the wood from rotting. They also help to keep pests, such as termites, from destroying the structural integrity of the home. Vinyl siding in New Jersey and fiber cement siding are also fairly immune to these problems. Vinyl siding sometimes needs to be sprayed off on a regular basis in order to remove any mildew or dirt that can build up. Wood siding in New Jersey is also prone to mold and mildew. Such mold and mildew can cause an allergic reaction or even respiratory illnesses.

Vinyl siding is sometimes mocked because of its plastic unnatural look. Fiber cement siding has a more natural look then vinyl siding. Many individuals though, prefer wood siding in New Jersey, despite the required maintenance. These people desire the natural beauty of wood so much that they are not deterred by the extra costs and work.

Vinyl siding in New Jersey is made of polyvinyl chloride. The polyvinyl chloride has color throughout the entire material. This is helpful when it comes to nicks and scratches that occasionally occur to one’s siding. The scratches don’t show through, because the color goes all the way through.

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