Fighting Acne is Not Something People Enjoy

Nobody thinks that having acne is good. Most people try to hide the acne that they suffer from. Most of us feel like pimples and acne are things we should have grown out of when we left our teenage years. If you do not pamper and take care of your skin, you can count on acne coming back for decades into your adulthood. Whether or not you want to believe it, the fact is that there are adults well into their thirties, forties and even later who experience acne so severe it rivals that of teenage acne. Here is what you can do to keep your pores clean (and keep acne away). You can learn a lot about fighting acne by reading this article.

Finding a good cleanser is the first step to fighting acne. Obviously you want to stay away from a product with an oil base but other criteria are important as well when you are choosing your cleanser. Salicylic acid is something else that is important. This ingredient is especially important if your breakouts are bad and you need a harsher cleanser than the average person. It is also used in “regular” cleansers though in lesser amounts that are meant to just be strong enough to kill bacteria and wash out your pores. Salicylic acid should not be used regularly when you get older and your skin has gotten thinner and more sensitive.

Do your best to keep your hands away from your face. The majority of the population doesn’t realize just how much time they spend touching their faces every day. It is partly all of this touching that helps to clog our pores and cause breakouts. Think about it for a minute. If you touch something and then touch your face, in essence, you are touching your face with that something. Touching your face is a great way to clog your pores with the oil and other things your hands have touched during the day. This is partly what makes it so easy for you to catch the flu: you pick up something that has been touched by someone who is sick and then later brush something off of your face and transfer the germs right onto your face where they have easy access to your nose, eyes, mouth, ears and pores: all places to infect with the flu! This is why you should try not touch your face with your hands.

Washing your hands often during the day is a good idea if you are not able to stop yourself from touching your face. To keep the breakouts to a minimum keep your hand clean by washing them often.

Protect your skin against the sun. Slathering on sunscreen might seem counterproductive to people who focus on keeping their pores substance free. There are plenty of oil-free sunscreen alternatives out there.

Happily, you are no longer forced to choose between super oily sunscreens when you want to protect your skin. Now you can choose between sunscreens that are light and can be sprayed on instead of rubbed in. More importantly, most lotions and makeup products already contain sunscreen so you don’t have to put multiple layers of product on. Just remember: tanning does not keep pimples away. It just puts you at risk for skin cancer.

There are lots of options for treating acne. Whether you need a strong chemical based cleanser or can get by with just some natural ingredients, your choices are wide and varied. Some people find that treating acne is as easy as getting into a regular exercise routine and eating a natural and balanced diet. It might take some time before you find the remedy that works best for you. It shouldn’t take too long before you discover the acne remedy that works best for you. Don’t give up and soon you will have clean and clear skin!