filed a lawsuit to confiscate bribes alleged Chen Shui-bian

Taiwan presidential spokesman strong locally as the United States in accordance with its domestic law brings legal proceedings related to Taiwan not to comment on the presidential palace, President Ma Ying-jeou and will not interfere. Former Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian to increase spending on public funds, income laundering, corruption and forgery, and is also a sin in the past year has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court of Taiwan final month, Mr. Chen has just been sentenced to imprisonment for term of 20 years, why the flight, but not as originally planned, that much, but prosecutors published on July 1. Chen Chen, the son was sentenced to 14 months, HuangRui gorgeous daughter-in-law was sentenced to 12 months, as guys, but also because many other situations of funds laundering of criminal prosecution. The Government of the United States

filed a lawsuit to confiscate bribes alleged Chen Shui-bian couple in the acquisition of two houses. To this end, the new secretary basic of the celebration, a prominent political journalist in LiShengFeng pay a visit to the club stated that the apartment of the household and the Democratic Progressive Celebration (DPP), why not the United States as a sign of ChaoGu MieZu protest this? LiShengFeng states that this action by the Government of the United States, according to the U.S. government has already decided that Mr. Chen a pair of dirty funds, but to buy a property in the United States and funds laundering. LiShengFeng stated, funds laundering, drug trafficking, in WanGuoGong of all sins, and how, in his opinion, the U.S. government to stop a pair of Chen to remove sin taking action against a rainy day activities. He stressed that the U.S. government to the folks of Taiwan have shown the arrest of M. If home flat property shall be referred to as ChaoGu MieZu, but the U.S. government will confiscate the plane house, like a family members apartment, flat-appointed lawyer automatically and expression of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), are far more than welcome, but not

The United States in protest ChaoGu MieZu. LiShengFeng consider the so-referred to as ChaoGu MieZu rhetoric, political perform, in Western society the law strictly, will not permit such an operation the political space, that is what he believes the United States as a nation is right. As for Mr. Chen to form a board without Chen * “1 nation on every side of the connection,” Kaohsiung City Senator, LiShengFeng argues that it is dead flat practice at residence, in order to survive simply because, though there is help from the City Council votes to get elected, If productive, Chen has a likelihood to win. But the KMT’s campaign will have no effect, Chen launch will affect the votes of the Democratic Progressive Celebration (DPP), if the Democratic Progressive Celebration (DPP) Chen bear his loss will be the seats of the council, and to take on the flight house a mess, so he will be judged and Chen Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cutting. LiShengFeng stated that if elected to the attacker Kaohsiung City is a versatile young Chinese American writer of his legendary profession, it is complete of countless stories. Among the young folks started business at the University working in the economic sector, he suddenly desires to be an actor, but later, when journalists in Iraq on the battlefield back to economic dangers of investments in higher actual estate and downs, but tireless between fiction and drama, a beautiful. He is always smiling, pleased face, the complete physique and no lack of energy, it is a machine manage.
Sabung Ayam
Pathetic Anti-Trump Protest at Super Bowl

Infowars Reporter Millie Weaver discusses the noticeable distinction in size and lack of violence when George Soros funded Protest Groups are absent at an Anti-Trump Protest.

Sabung Ayam