Find A Way To Enjoy The Night Life

There are different ways to enjoy the night life, whether you are with the person you are supposed to be in love with or not and how much you enjoy the nights in the clubs or bars can maybe even affect your relationship. If your man’s watching you get up close and personal with another guy on the dance floor, jealousy may head out the front door, but surprisingly in most instances if the chick is cozying up to another hot looking female, he rarely has a problem and may consider it is just part of the night life.

But guys, this is where you have to be careful about how you dance with another girl in the club. The basic rule of thumb is if your girl was using the same steps, read that bump and grind moves, with another guy if it would upset you, then don’t dance that way with another girl. Then again, if there is a problem with how you share in the night life, it may be best not to let each other out of sight for the entire night. Sure, she may suggest you ask her forlorn girlfriends to dance, but keep her at arms-length to make sure it isn’t looked at as anything other than dancing.

The excuse that she was feeling bad and needed a hug will work for your girlfriend, not the other way around. However, if you are off on the floor with the teary-eyed friend and your girl is on the floor looking like she’s trying to comfort the hottest guy on the dance floor, there’s a chance your current dance partner is helping her friend move onto someone new. Enjoying the night life with a serious boyfriend/girlfriend or worse, a new spouse may not be the nest move you can make. There may be some leftover habits from the club scene that you probably shouldn’t be too excited to share.

If you and your friends want to put a little spice in your night life without looking to find a new relationship, you might want to find a different place to party. Unless you are the type that has no trouble locking lips with strangers, the dangers of ending up with someone else for the night, while your favorite guy or girl is off with their friends, a new location and new acquaintances are less likely to intrude on the relationship. You need to keep your relationship in mind when enjoying the night life, no matter who you are cruising with.

All in all, there is really nothing wrong with enjoying the night life with your friends, and even making some new friends, but you have to remember the relationship you are in at the time you hit the clubs. If you are single and free, then there is not limit to the amount of flirting, dancing and prancing you can do when out with your friends. If you are in a relationship, running across a hot-looking willing future date on the dance floor my test the strength of your relationship, and if you are not looking for a hook up, the best thing you can do is spend the night on the avoidance track.
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