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The State of New Mexico has declared itself the Renewable Energy State, and has added a layer of incentives for that industry on prime of its current incentive portfolio. This document outlines the variety of incentives and tax credits that are offered to firms either creating energy based on renewable resources, manufacturing merchandise for that market or developing power effective structures that meet the LEED certifications.

New Mexico has other benefits for this sector too. Relatively low-cost land, clear skies, very good transportation (BNSF, I-40, I-25) are some. The other advantage is the state’s R&ampD base, which delivers partnership and licensing possibilities. These are mainly at the National Labs of Sandia and Los Alamos. Los Alamos, for instance, has led the world in hydrogen and fuel cell investigation and development.

Let Evolve True Estate be your partner as you navigate these offerings and contemplate your New Mexico place. Evolve’s qualifying broker, Frank O’Mahony, was the State Economic Development Department’s marketing and advertising director, and continues to be strongly connected to the economic improvement neighborhood at state and nearby levels.

Federal Applications

Although there are substantial Federal tax credits to encourage the use of renewable power, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA) authorized the Department of Treasury to award $ two.3 billion in tax credits (“48C credits”) for qualified investments in advanced energy projects, to help new, expanded, or re-equipped domestic manufacturing facilities. These awards have currently been created, even though we will hold a close on eye on regardless of whether this program is reauthorized.

New Mexico Announcements

Recent renewable energy announcements from New Mexico have incorporated:

-Chevron announced a 1 Megawatt concentrating PV solar facility in the northern New Mexico neighborhood of Questa. The installation will consist of 175 panels on 20 acres of land.

-Spanish organization GA-Solar has announced the building of a single of the world’s largest PV installations on 2500 acres in southern New Mexico. This array will make 300 Mw of installed capacity

-Johnson Plate and Tower will develop an 84,000 manufacturing facility in Santa Teresa to create wind towers. The business was awarded $ two,385,000 in 48C Tax Credits credits to support construct the facility.

Incentives &amp Tax Credits From New Mexico

Generating Incentives

Renewable Power Production Tax Credit:

-applies to 1MW+ systems
-credit is 1c – 4c per kWh
-totally refundable
-some aggregate caps on credits apply

Utility Applications:

-Utilities provide credits for clean energy generation.
oEl Paso Electric
*little program renewable power certificate acquire program
*Overall performance-primarily based Consumer Solar PV program
oXcel Power
*solar rewards system

Employment Incentives

Job Instruction Incentive System:

-Funds classroom and on-the-job coaching
-50% – 80% of employee wages and travel expenses for up to six months

NM Dept of Workforce Options also delivers apprenticeship applications and training grants of up to $ 4000 per employee

High Wage Job Tax Credit:

-Applies to jobs in rural regions with salaries greater than $ 28k, in urban locations greater than $ 40k
-Can spend ten% of combined salary and rewards for 4 years

Technologies Jobs Tax Credit:

-Two element credit, paying four% of R&ampD expenditures as revenue tax credit, with a possible added credit against earnings ax
-Both of these double in rural locations
-Rural Jobs Tax Credit
-$ 1000 per new employee for 2-four years

Gear and Facility Incentives

Solar Market place Development Income Tax Credit:

-10% credit on purchase/installation of PV or thermal systems
-Up to $ 9000 credit
-Can be applied in addition to 30% federal credit

Ground-Coupled Heat Pump Tax Credit:

-30% Income tax credit for systems up to max credit of $ 9000
-Can be added to federal credit

Sustainable Creating Tax Credit:

-Demands LEED certification
-Sliding scale of credit
oFor instance, for Platinum certification, the initial ten,000 sq ft attracts a $ 3.50/sqft credit

Alternative Energy Product Manufacturer’s Tax Credit:

-five% credit against capital expenses applies to producers
-Can be set against gross receipts, compensating or withholding
-Can be carried forward 5 years

Manufacturer’s Investment Tax Credit:

-five% credit of the worth of certified equipment brought into NM

Advanced Power Tax Credit:

-Applies to solar thermal, solar PV, geothermal, advanced coal and recycled energy facilities
-6% of improvement and building charges
-Up to $ 60 million per facility

Biomass-Associated Gear Compensating Tax, Production &amp Sales Tax Incentives:

-Bio-energy gear might be deducted from compensating tax
-Credit of up to $ 50,000 per blending infrastructure facility, set against gross receipts and compensating tax
-Requires min. 2% biodiesel

Industrial Revenue Bonds:

-At the discretion of regional communities, to decrease house taxes
-Can range from 50% exemption to 20 years, to 75% for 30 years

These incentives show that the State is significant about encouraging renewable power firms to find right here. We have a tradition of locating &amp increasing power organizations, as the state is one particular of the US’ biggest natural gas producers, and a main producer of oil.

We export most of the power – electrical energy, oil and gas – that we create, and so the infrastructure for NM as a base for renewable energy production and distribution is in place. These new power creation facilities will also offer excellent possibilities for firms that provide the business, and the state is committed to education and developing an acceptable workforce for these new companies too.

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