Finding “HOT” eBay Products to Sell – Free Guide

Finding what sells on eBay is a lot easier than you think. Did you know that eBay releases “hot list” each month, helping people decide what is the best eBay products to sell!

BUT there is the down side, everyone has an access to this data, and in the long run it can hurt you. So you kind of have to judge the list, and see if there is a close to the list product you can resell to them.

eBay Helps You Out!

eBay has a hot items list, and consistently (every month) they update the list with their research data. This helps you because they do most of the market research for you. They also have the eBay pulse and that helps you see the niche market you would never thought of!

You should always consider the trends. Halloween coming, find out which costumes are popular. If it is Christmas coming, see which toys are popular. Summer is coming, any inflatable items that are popular!

You don’t have to sell only on eBay, you can resell on Craigslist as well.

It is more handling for you, but sometimes bigger profits. People don’t really see the Craigslist as the big market, BUT the thing is, it is HUGE! Last year, I was moving, and I had few things that just did not fit with my place. For each one of those, I’ve got 15-20 calls, I wished I had more of the items to sell

Local Outlet store!

This is an overlooked market, but you can easily get 1000-2000 K per month profit if you source your outlet stores for overstock inventory. First of, these are often brand name products, and they sell like crazy on auction sites. If the price is right at the time of purchase, you can turn around and sell it back for 50% profit margin. So don’t over look this!

Test the Market!

Sometimes all the data shows you are probably on the right target, BUT just to test the market, only sell 2 of those items. You see they are moving, GREAT, but if they don’t you just saved yourself a bunch of money!

Follow your buyers!

Currently at the time I am writing this, many people are into organic products. Organic clothing, organic food, natural remedies etc. You can do so much more with it! The thing is, you can even check out some popular forums and see what people are buying. After finding the eBay products to sell, all you have to do is find a wholesale suppliers, and you can use the worldwide brands directory for that!