Finding Out The Legal Ways To Discipline

Finding Out The Legal Ways To Discipline A Child In Your State

We’ve all been horrified by seeing news reports of parents who went too far in disciplining their child. We gape at the parents, led away in handcuffs, as their child is rescued from the horrible situation they were living in. Whether they were locked in a basement for years on end, or forced into prostitution, we know that’s beyond the limits of what is right. But how can we know where the limits lie? What legal ways are there to discipline a child? How much is too much?

How Much Is Too Much?

There are websites that can help a parent navigate the waters of legal ways to discipline a child. It can be tricky at times to know what is enough and not too much, and parents can use all the help they can get to help their children follow the rules of the family and society.

One of the things that a website about the legal ways to discipline a child will cover are issues like an open hand versus a fist. Generally, hitting with an open hand is alright (legally) and using a fist isn’t. There are many other issues that are also covered about legal ways to discipline a child.

A Better Way To Discipline

There’s an old story is told of the man who was wanting to hire a driver to take his wagon up a hill with a steep cliff on one side of the road. The first man drove only a foot away from the edge of the cliff, and the owner was impressed. The second man was able to drive up to six inches away from the cliff – again, very impressive. But the third man got the job – he drove as far away from the edge as he could. It’s the same with parenting, and finding legal ways to discipline a child. Rather than worry about where the limits are, it’s better to focus on positive, productive ways of parenting your child.

Develop a positive relationship with your child. Have positive memories and associations with each other. Filling the “emotional tank” of your child will go a long way towards winning their cooperation.

Make expectations clear. Have family rules that aren’t too restrictive, and yet allow for some freedoms. Remember that even cows like to push up against the fence – expect the same from your child. They will likely fight against having rules – but really, secretively, they are grateful to know where the line is.

Remember that “discipline” means to teach. Have the goal be for the child to learn from experiences, not be punished for not doing things your way. Help them see that – like everyone else – they are not perfect and will make mistakes along the way. “Oops! There’s a big mistake – my first one today!” is a great attitude to pass along to your children. Remember, most things aren’t a big deal – let’s not turn them into one.

To learn more, check out bible study topics and youth ministry resources.

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