Fire-resistant Spray Paint Outline And Development Of – Fire-resistant Spray Material, Coating –

HC coating Network News: Using high-speed air jet as a fire-resistant construction materials, refractory vector called jet refractories, which include the repair of damaged lining body spray Paint Establishing a new lining for the body spray paint. Construction is one method to a class known as non-model construction method, which has become one of the future direction of unshaped refractory materials.

Spray refractory material, whether jet or spray lining repair and building a new liner body, according to work by spraying the surface to accept the state spray materials can be divided into: the cold spray materials, melting material injection method 2 categories. Cold spray materials were divided into five kinds: slurry jet; dry jet; -dry-type jet (also known as Cheyne-jet); mixing jet; wet spray method. Molten material jet is divided into: flame spray, plasma spray method, slag splashing method.

Cold spray material powder material mainly composed of granular material composed of refractory material, binder content is generally low, often also contain appropriate help Solvent To promote sintering, when the construction of a small amount of mixing water.

Spray material used in raw material powder particles may reach in accordance with the highest furnace temperature, the temperature fluctuation range, the nature of the lining slag requirements of the selected character. When the spray coating material for the lining on, its original lining material should be equivalent to the two chemical properties, refractoriness, high temperature strength and deformation, thermal expansion and so should be similar. Limits on the size of granular material, the structure should be based on Gunning jet thickness and jet methods (such as wet or dry) is different from the appropriate choice. Improper size selection, attachment of spray material has great influence on the loss of resilience. Loss of resilience refers to materials in the basement when the blast bounced back but not attached, the number of that part. Particle size distribution of spray layer structure not only affect the compactness of the level of adhesion loss of resilience also has a lot. Generally speaking, wet spray particle size particle size too rough or too little excessive, negative density on the jet level, and grain and coarse, coarse and more often leads to rebound to greater losses.

Wet jet has been widely used in building construction or repair of blast furnace iron hook, torpedo, ladle, room packages, rotary kiln waste incinerators, etc. Lining repair.

Flame spray material from the metal powder, alumina, magnesia and other refractory raw material composition of both the fuel of a metal powder binder melt. There is also plus or just add a small amount of cosolvent, in order to facilitate its rapid sintering. Flame gunning method (melt injection method) using propane gas to fuel the flame gunning method, which uses propane gas and oxygen, a flame will burn jet refractory powder heated to molten (or semi-molten state), spray on lining want to repair surface. Cured coating strength equal to or higher than the original liner body strength, combined with the original liner body strong, high density, and thus its fire resistance than the cold spray coating material. SABUNG AYAM