Fireworks Factory Explosion In Shaanxi Incentive System For Production Safety Is Imperative –

According to China Business News reported that at 3:40 p.m. on the January 1, Pucheng County Sanhe Township, limited liability company level fireworks fireworks explosion occurred Accident , Resulting in 9 dead 8 injured, after a preliminary investigation of the incident due to system irregularities. 31 I understand that the incident two days ago, the county had issued safety supervision departments of the company, and announced suspension of work, but the company did not lay-off, leading to explosion. ( Shaanxi Pucheng fireworks company responsible for an explosion injured nine people dead, surrendered 8 )

Present, Weinan City, has been set up headed by Vice Mayor Liu Xinxing accident investigation team to carry out a comprehensive accident investigation. Prima facie, the incident was because of confusion in business management, Safety Duty not to implement the illegal violation of operating without the safety of hazardous production processes employed for training and workshops, overcrowding, drug excess and other reasons.

Leaders at all levels in various occasions to emphasize the importance of security, without security there is no benefit, I believe many people would say, but also a set to “mother-mouth” stressed the need to safety in production. But why Accidents Or hazards continue to occur, which employees of “security,” meaning there is a deviation not unrelated to the employees to work in common as long as their safety is not an accident, the safety of the people and things around the lack of concern. Accident analysis from the past, can be found often in fact some people prior to the incident have been aware of the potential danger, but always failed to stop or do not know how to respond, finally led to the brutal reality of accidents. By strengthening Security Management While on stage to play a role in security, but to prevent the strengthening of management often become numb acceptance. For safety work to do “lasting stability” should be truly people-oriented as the starting point, this is not in slogans, through the establishment of a sound incentive mechanisms and improve the living conditions and material incentives to staff to embody their labor value change, which change enforcement of safety requirements passive to active safety, so we really have to focus on security, and safety.

For accidents in the community have such a phenomenon that arises out of any emergency incident followed a hero, but the state and the loss of lives and property is the reality. In fact, the safety of the staff in the years Education And continue to instill safety awareness in the importance of safety have improved to varying degrees, also have emerged many employees work to discover hidden dangers and prevent accidents occurring examples, but due to lack incentives to make these Staff failed to embody the value of their own actions, a true unsung heroes.

But more important is to prevent the accident, the other employees to prevent and eliminate the security risks of accidents and can not learn enough attention and reflection. To this end, as a well-managed companies should set up a recognition of the advanced security incentives. Recognition of the safety assessment prior art should be different from the other, he should focus on safety management in the daily work of the achievements made by staff, particularly front-line production jobs in mining safety which members of the advanced models, because they work in obscurity in the create benefits that can not measured in monetary terms. SABUNG AYAM