First Time Clothing Sellers on eBay – How to Start Selling Wholesale Clothing on eBay

First time sellers on eBay are easily overwhelmed by the variety of items offered for sale. As overwhelming as this is, the idea that there are millions of buyers looking for a bargain, or just the right item. The reason that buyers and sellers alike are able to find great bargains and significant income opportunities is simple: competition.

You have asked yourself how you can make money on eBay. There are tons of ads and pop-ups on the internet that tell you how easy it is to start making tons of money just by selling on eBay. Most of these ads promise big returns. They all sound too good to be true. How are you able to tell the real deal from the fraudulent scammers?

There are ways that you can protect yourself from scams and still be able to find a source of wholesale clothing for you to sell on the internet. This does require some work and is not just an easy “get rich quick” scheme.

1. Look to see what is selling on eBay. There are plenty of sellers’ tools on eBay that help you see what trends in clothing are selling. Use this information to help you find merchandise that you will sell and will help give you a better chance for making sales.

2. Look for a reputable wholesaler or drop shipper. There are ways that you can research these suppliers and see who is legitimate or not. Look for a verifiable address and land line phone number.

You can also look for reviews and customer forums that provide a great deal of information regarding wholesalers. You can also check the internet Better Business Bureau for information regarding a company’s reputation and legitimacy.

For those just starting out, drop shipping is generally recommended. Drop shipping will limit the risk of paying out for large quantities of inventory that you may be stuck with. In addition, drop shipping takes the burden of shipping the orders to the customer away from you. The supplier will hold the merchandise and ship it for you.

If you are just getting started, you may want to consider starting with a limited amount of inventory or styles. Once you understand the market a little better, or see your sales start to grow, then you could consider expanding your offerings on the internet.