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Most recently by the financial turmoil sweeping the globe, has been leading the international trend of the Europeanheavy truck giant constantly laying off employees and cut-off of the news. Avoid scams. Keep posted and don’t be a victim. 

 2008 12 16, Sweden Volvo Truck Group headquarters in Gothenburg, announced first quarter 2009 will be discontinued 20 to 25 days to avoid a drop in demand caused by product mix. Earlier, the German truck maker Man (MAN) company announced major layoffs for temporary workers and cut production. Mercedes-Benz trucks were announced job cuts in Canada and the United States, 2300.

 Chinese auto companies have gradually felt the tremendous power of this financial crisis. In the heavy truck market, the independent brand of electric control and high-pressure EGR Track Product spreads win one or two million in full swing, not to mention the high price of imported heavy card. The face of tough international market, the European heavy truck giant can turn “crisis” into “opportunities” in China for more effective business support?

 Previous years, this time, each company will announce a new year of market objectives and development plans. But this year, most businesses still wait until. Interest rates, exchange rates frequently adjusted bailout plan were introduced, the situation changes so rapidly, so that hundreds of battles in the European heavy truck giant become more cautious than ever.

Benz trucks in China public relations manager, told reporters that Wang Hui, Mercedes-Benz on the Chinese market and customers long-term commitment is consistent. Slowdown in the current market circumstances, the Mercedes-Benz will continue to provide Chinese customers with high quality products and services. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz that the Chinese government to stimulate domestic demand, increasing investment in initiatives such as the opportunities for the commercial vehicle market, promising Chinese market, long-term, sustainable development.

 Insiders commented that, compared with the domestic heavy truck, imported products have a distinct performance advantage. However, due to the special needs of our commercial vehicles, heavy trucks have been no imports of high-end open market, even as imports of passenger cars did not bring in huge profits for multinational corporations. At present, this situation has not changed.

 Hard for many years in China, another giant of heavy trucks in Europe?? Volvo to the Chinese market showed cautious optimism. President of Volvo Trucks in China, said Lu Bo days, despite the international financial crisis, but the driving force for China’s economic development still exist, with the timely measures taken by the relevant market better than in Europe and the United States. He said that both in good times or bad, both for China Volvo Cooperation Partner support, and will not lay off in China.

As the industry leader in commercial vehicles in Europe, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo is also China’s imports of high-end heavy truck market leader, in recent years has annual sales of more than in 1000. Rely on much weaker than the company’s own brand dealer network, can achieve such results is not easy, to keep victories is their primary goal. Man speaking for the company, but the adverse economic situation it saw an opportunity. Man Fischer, vice president of China, told reporters that the financial turmoil, China is likely in 2009 a temporary economic downturn. However, the Man for 2010 are optimistic about China’s economic situation. On the one hand, the 4 trillion yuan in central government investment projects, traffic, transportation, logistics industry is the key; the other hand, the Chinese yuan to upgrade the user’s purchasing power. By expanding dealer network to provide users of financial services and other measures, Mann hopes the Chinese market in 2009 heavy truck sales of more than 500 in 2010, and strive to reach 1,000 units in China imports high-end heavy truck market share from the current 8% to 20%.

 China called the world’s largest truck market, regardless of existing capacity or growth potential is very attractive. At present, the global economy are shrouded in shadow of financial turmoil, the Chinese market for multinational auto giants significantly increased the importance of the European heavy truck giant too. Although China’s own brand of technical level of heavy truck brand products in Europe there is still a gap, but their progress over the years is obvious to all. The industry believes that both the Chinese heavy truck market prospects are also notable features. This feature is changing for the right to speak, the Chinese heavy truck industry has gradually become rules of the game makers. Only able to adapt to the rules of Chinese enterprises to share the fruits of victory.

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 In the global financial crisis, China’s heavy truck industry is facing the most strong market impact in history, many users are forced to report truck stop, a sharp decline in market demand, but as the beginning of large-scale infrastructure and fuel tax implementation, some experts predict that 2009 will be the second half of the Chinese heavy truck market is expected to rebound. Then, the face of the current severe situation, how companies can survive the winter; future market rebound when the business first opened, how can the situation? In the face of this issue, China’s heavy truck manufacturers have thought they were talking to the product. Recently, the China Heavy Duty Truck, Shaanxi Auto, Fukuda, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Valin successively announced their new 09 models, can be predicted that in 2009 China’s heavy truck market, a war broke out did not smoke.