Five Effective Tips on Getting an Outfit Like a Rockstar

If you are trying to dress up like a rockstar you ‘ll need to focus on these things: clothes, jacket, footwears, accessories, and make-up.

Dressing in rockstar style can entail a lot of combination, however essentially, it has to be scruffy looking with a few silver and leather accessory. It is necessary that you recognize the points on how to do it well, so you don’t end up looking stupid and very uncool.


For males, get a pair of jeans that are washed out and look like you’ve had them for years, either in black or paled navy. If you can pull off wearing skinny jeans without looking silly, that would even be better; otherwise, you can stick to regular jeans. Then, choose a Shirts that is white and a little loose. Any printed message on it is also fine as long as it is not of a specific brand, such as band baby clothes. It really should additionally look like you wore it to sleep in the previous night. Women on the other hand have two options. One option is to wear a babydoll dress for a more womanly look, and the other is to put on tight skinny jeans that are either black or leather, paired with a shirt or even a singlet for an all-out tough rocker chick look.


For males, pick any of the following jackets depending on the rocker image you want to portray: a leather jacket for a classic rockstar image, a long trench coat for the rocker with an emo-style, or a suit jacket for preppy rockers. Females can additionally wear leather biker jackets, however short ones, so as not to cover the rest of their clothes.


Men can choose either biker boots, such as Doc Martens, or a Converse-style pair to wear. For the latter, leave the laces hanging open or tucked in the sides. While females can also wear boots, such as Doc Martens, biker boots, soft ankle length boots, or cowboy boots worn over the jeans. Choosing to wear a really high pair of heels is one more alternative. However, wear the right height that is still comfortable enough for you to rock-on in.


Men can style their look either with or without a necktie. Preppy rockers should put on neckties that are either tied loosely or perfectly. Hardcore rockers prefer not having one around their necks at all. Leather-based belts, dark shades, and jewelry are other accessories that males can wear. For jewelry, there are earrings, necklaces, and cuffs that are produced of leather and silver. Ladies on the other hand, might possibly wear belts clinched tightly around their waists, along with black, white or red gloves on either one or both hands. In addition, there are studded collars, leather cuffs, earrings, necklaces, and bangles. Do not wear them all together on once though.


Both men and women can wear on black eyeliner makeup around their eyes, that is, if the males are brave enough to do it. Women can additionally add lipstick that is really bright red in color.

If you wish to project an appearance as a rockstar, seek to stick mainly to only one style. Choose the right jacket for the kind of rocker you want to be seen as and wear it regularly.
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