Five Excellent Chrome Extensions for Facebook

Google Chrome is the third most extensively used browser since final December. And it is a lot more and a lot more famouse for its straightforward UI and quickly loading. More and far more famouse extensions came to Chrome.Facebook is the most well-liked social networking internet site, practically each one makes use of it to make contact with with pals and get news. Now, we have numerous Chrome extensions to boost our Facebook making use of, just download them.Facebook ChatDo you want to chat with your close friends in Facebook with no remain in Facebook page? Facebook chat is an application that allows you to stay logged into facebook chat on your browser.Facemoods for ChromeFacemoods is an extension for Facebook Chat that offers you a massive number of Emoticons, Winks,Text Effects and much more! Get facemoods and start off sending remarkable facemoods content material to all of your buddies!Facebook Photo ZoomFacebook Photo Zoom is a easy, light-weight extension that integrates directly into Facebook so you can see the larger photos of photo albums, profile pictures and more.Facebook for Google ChromeThis extension is a great extension to let you verify your Facebook news feed, wall, inbox and notifications straight from your Chrome browser, with out opening the facebook web page.FarmVille Wall ManagerFarmvillle is a single of the most well-known games in Facebook. This extension can manage farmville wall posts accepts bonuses, grabs bouquets, adopts animals, hatches eggs, and more.
Facebook Reactions

In 2016 I was fortunate sufficient to assist lead the design and style of Reactions, a much more expressive Like button on Facebook.

Product Design and style:
Andy Chung, Brandon Walkin, Brian Frick

Seth Eckert

Alex Cornell

Mark Peng, Sean Lee, Mike Rumble, Ergin Erant, Guilherme De Napoli, Ezequiel Rodriguez, Saurabh Aggarwal, Matt Magpayo, Anil Kalavagattu, Zef RosnBrick, Eric Faller, Eric Desfosses, Anthony Chan, Yu Chen

Sammi Krug