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7 25, Skyworth Heavyweight??? Group Vice President Zhao Kejun quietly into Yu. Zhaoke Jun confident that, Skyworth will certainly find a suitable project in Chongqing,

STB , Auto Electric, should Electricity Son, Mobile And other aspects
Investment And the possibility of cooperation.
This is again within the last month for home appliance manufacturing industry in Chongqing exciting good news. Early July,

Haier Group just signed with Chongqing, Chongqing announced the construction of the largest industrial park outside this Part. So far, five major home appliance manufacturing giant Haier, China, Midea, Gree,

TCL , Konka Have settled in Chongqing.
Eighties of last century, Chongqing appliance manufacturing industry and have won. New local company has manufacturing

Electric fan , Red Rock TV, King Magpie
TV , General? Ariston refrigerator, Toshiba ? Three Gorges Washing machine And other brand-name appliances, a time known outside Sichuan. But these were later gradually exit the market, as a distraught sigh of history.

Now, after nearly 20 years of silence, China’s youngest municipality in the home appliance manufacturers are ushering in another spring.

Leading Western Industry analysis, the actual investment from the current contract situation, and Chongqing in West China’s leading appliance manufacturers.

Overall strength and development potential of western China with Chongqing, Chengdu and Guiyang comparable. Guiyang has settled with Electrolux and appliance giant

Hisense (Haier refrigerator project in Zunyi, Guizhou Province), Chengdu, plants are selected TCL TV and Kelong refrigerators (Sichuan native

Brand In Chengdu, Mianyang Changhong not far). But the more established brand in the local almost only a single product line, the investment scale and product line is complete, the two compared with the existence of a gap in Chongqing.

Popular in recent years by the home appliance giant, another city of Wuhan. Wuhan, Chengdu and Guiyang, the three, the most powerful and Chongqing, Wuhan, a stroke is. However, to today, many home appliance sector, Wuhan recognition, compared to the advantages of greater Chongqing appliance manufacturing (see table). Wuhan Changjiang Daily Group in the site have an article, entitled “Chongqing, Wuhan, losing home appliance industry.”

Market effects Appliance giants see is a huge market and business opportunities in Chongqing.
Zhaoke Jun, vice president of Skyworth Group, admits that while he is in Chongqing, but as

Listing Company, Skyworth options will certainly reject the private feelings, to Chongqing, from corporate interests favored more. In other words, Chongqing’s development has brought the potential to make money.

This, Chongqing emerging Gree Sell General Manager Liu Jiwen have personal experience. Gree a project started in Chongqing since the output value soared from the initial 200 million yuan surged to 40 billion, now has begun to taste the sweetness of Gree planning Phase III.

Liu Jiwen said, Chongqing became a municipality’s
Competition Apparent advantage is a gradual process, and many household appliances giant, began holding a wait and see attitude, settled early access to a good business development, played a demonstration effect of other brands, but also increased the confidence of newcomers.

Zhaoke Jun commented Chongqing competitive advantage. First, the great development of the city brought a broad market; second, a good industrial base, car,

Motorcycle The demand on electrical appliances such as industry itself is very large; third, labor and resource costs advantages to the use of electricity, for example, the coastal city of Chongqing price only about half.

Industry pull Rise of Chongqing, home appliance manufacturing and related industries will bring huge economic boost.

Gree is the best example. Gree settled in Chongqing, has not only brought new ideas, new technologies, new ideas, innovation policy has enabled packaging, Lang Di industry, the western

Electrical , Li Jing Wood more than 50 supporting manufacturers in Chongqing and the surrounding areas.
In Erlang Technology Park, Geli Strategy Partners Shanghai Baosteel on door to door with Gree; in Chongqing Gree next to the surprising supporting enterprise??? Century Grey, its annual output value reached 800 million yuan. In this regard, general manager of Chongqing, Liu Jiwen sales in emerging Gree described as the “area 10.”

Haier headquarters have also revealed that Haier is definitely not settled into a home appliance brand of Chongqing, but the introduction of an industrial chain. With the Haier Industrial Park in Chongqing R & D, manufacturing and marketing start-up, resulting into Chongqing will be supporting a large number of international brand, and most of the world top 500 enterprises. SABUNG AYAM