Five Pepper Chicken Stew: Recipes That Blow Your Top Off!

When it comes to feeding family, I generally keep things mild. Children can be harmed be feeding them foods that they are not accustomed to. When it comes to exploring opportunities for a total burn out of your taste sensations, I invite over friends. Of course, those friends are willing to take a risk, and with some recipes such as this five pepper chicken stew, that risk can blow you away!

Peppers are an interesting ingredient in many dishes. Of course, I am not one to overdo things often, but when I want a true mingling of pepper sensation, this recipe is going to known your socks off. Ranging from a mild pepper to an intense pepper capable of melting wallpaper, the five pepper chicken stew is not only delicious, it will clean your sinuses.

Take a look at this simple recipe, and if you are brave, make it tonight.

Five Pepper Chicken Stew


4 chicken breasts
4 fresh jalapeno peppers
4 fresh mulato peppers
4 fresh ancho peppers
1 fresh poblano pepper
4 fresh habanero peppers
4 medium tomatoes
1 large yellow onion
4 garlic cloves
4 medium baking potatoes
2 large carrots
½ cup hulled pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

Remove skin and bones from chicken breasts and cut into one inch cubes. Remove the stem & seeds from the peppers and chop into ¼ inch pieces (please wear gloves when handling peppers), as well as the tomatoes and the onion. Remove skin from garlic cloves and slice thinly. Peel the potatoes & carrots and cut into one inch pieces. Combine all the ingredients in a large, thick pot and cook on medium low for three hours.

Beware: this will clean your sinuses!!

Tip: If the local market does not have the varieties of peppers listed above, experiment with variations available to you. This recipe uses very hot peppers.

Poblano peppers are one of the largest and mildest tasting green peppers in the category, meaty, juicy and large enough to use for stuffing, great for roasting & baking.

Mulato peppers are the dried Poblano pepper, flattened and wrinkled. It tastes a little like licorice, with undertones of cherry and tobacco.

Ancho peppers are the dried version of Poblano, or “people” peppers. Their flavor is somewhat sweet and somewhat raisin-like, with medium heat. The outer skin has a rich, sweet, raisin-like flavor, which is most commonly associated with the flavor of chili.

Jalapeno peppers are usually green, but sometimes red. Moderately hot, with an immediate bite.

Habanero peppers are also known as Scotch Bonnet, they are the hottest commercially grown pepper. They are generally green, red, orange, or yellow in color.

As you can see, there are some interesting sensations available with just this one dish. While getting fresh peppers is best, not all merchants will carry each pepper listed in this recipe. Toy with the peppers available in your local area to find the right mixture for you, and remember, peppers do taste differently as an ingredient of a mixture than as a solo food. Mix and match well to get the perfect sensational taste for you!
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