Fix The 1 Red Light Error – Learn to Fix the E74 Error Easily

The problem of one red light error is one of the most common problems that is bothering the Xbox users. According to a recent study, this problem affects one in every three gaming console. You would be glad to know that even if the Xbox one red light error is a stubborn problem, it is possible to fix it without much time, money and effort. You can fix the one light problem for not more than $ 30 and within one hour.

Overheating of the console is one of the main reasons for one red light error. As a result of lack of cooling devices and cramped internal case layout, excess heat is build up in the console. This heat gradually damages the components inside your console and that is how the one red light error is caused. Besides the one red light error, you also come across the E 74 error that shows up at the bottom of the screen. The E 74 error happens because the excess heat damages of the HANA scalar chip.

As overheating is the main cause of this error, it is best to shut down the console and let it cool for sometime. If you still see an E74 error on the screen of your console, then you are left with two options, either you can send your console back to Microsoft if it is in the warranty period or you can fix this problem yourself. The E74 error are similar kind of problems as they are caused by the overheating of the console. In order to deal with this problem, you need to use is an Xbox 360 repair guide. This repair guide provides a set of video instructions that allows you to determine the exact problem in your console’s hardware. Once you know the exact problem, it is possible to fix it quickly and safely. This repair guide makes it very easy for you to fix the one red light error and according to the type of Xbox console you have.