Fix Xbox 360 E74 Error and Get Rid of the 1 Red Light Problem

It is a common experience of Xbox 360 gamers that they receive the error at the bottom of the screen that reads Xbox 360 e74 error. This error goes hand in hand with another error of 1 red light. Thus, whenever there is e74 error on your console, there is 1 red light blinking near the power button.

To fix the error is rather an easy task. The reason for the error may be the AV cable. First of all, unplug the AV cable and blow out the gathered dust that built up in the connections. Now hook it back and turn the console on. Now see whether it worked or not. If the error still persists, then replace the AV cable with another new one. Start the console with the replaced AV cable and see the difference. If your problem is solved, then you are lucky not to move to the further repair. However, if the problem of e74 does not go away, then you have to take the further steps of repair.

The first repair is Microsoft’s repair. Yes, if your console is within warranty period, then send your console to Microsoft, for they will repair the console for your sake free of cost. What you need is to keep patience for a month until the console is sent back repaired.

The second repair is self repair. Obviously, if your warranty is expired and you are not interested to be patient for a month without gaming, then self repair is the best option for you to fix the e74 error. The need is to refer a DIY (Do It Yourself) guide, with which you can fix the error by your own.

Internet is a vast treasure of infinite information about everything. Search for the guide on internet that will cost you not more than $ 30 and assure you the full refund in case of failure in the fixing. Moreover, the guide should be replete with step-by-step easy to follow instruction with necessary quality video tutorials that will make your e74 error fixing easy and successful.