Flight of the Red Eagle

The island of Langkawi is known for its many tourist-frequented natural wonders; sandy beaches, caves and coral reefs, to name a few. As the place where many myths and legends come from, as well as where many historical events took place, Langkawi is also not short of manmade landmarks. Because of its status as one Malaysia’s top tourist destinations, it is hardly surprising that some of the island’s iconic manmade attractions are less than half a century old.

Upon arriving at Langkawi via Kuah Jetty, visitors will be greeted by the sight of a giant red eagle, permanently suspended in mid-flight, overlooking the harbor. The spot where the 12-meters tall eagle monument stood is known as Eagle Square, or Dataran Lang in Malay. Built in 1996, the eagle has become an emblem of the island, and rightfully so. After all, according to folklore, the island derives its name from the Malay words, Helang, meaning eagle, and Kawi, which means reddish brown.

Dataran Lang is a mini park with fountains, bridges and terraces, making it the ideal spot for vacation photos. It is a great place for a stroll where you can enjoy the sea breeze and watch the ferries moving across the harbor. Come here during the evening, and you can enjoy one of the best sunset views on the island. Shopaholics can also rejoice at the fact that as the square is within walking distance of the Jetty Point Mall, numerous duty-free souvenir shops, and seafood eateries.

Adjacent to Dataran Lang is the Lagenda Langkawi Park; an open-air, beautifully landscaped folklore-themed park that was inaugurated in the same year as the square. The 50-hectare of land space is home to many lush trees, native plants, flowers and several manmade lakes. The main attraction of Lagenda Langkawi park, however, are 17 larger-than-life colorful sculptures, spread out across the land with information columns that details some of Langkawi’s best-known legends and history.

There are sculptures illustrating the battle between mythical birds Garuda and Jentayu, among the many legends, and also recounting the tale of Mahsuri – the maiden who cursed the island for seven generations after being unjustly executed for adultery.

What is more fascinating are some of the legends that explain the origins of the names for some of the places on the island. One such story is the dual between the giants Mat Raya and Mat Cinchang where they overturned a pot of hot gravy, resulting in their deaths and turning them into mountains. It was from this tale that Gunung Raya (Raya Mountain) and Gunung Mat Cinchang (Mat Cinchang Mountain), two of the most well-known mountains in Langkawi, derived their names. It was also from the giants’ battle that towns are name Belanga Pecah (Broken Cooking Pot) and Kuah(gravy).

Lagenda Langkawi Park is the place to enjoy tranquil natural surroundings, while being amused by the myriad folklores of the island. Because of its location near the sea, its pleasant and well-maintained grounds also make for an excellent picnic spot. Visitors can explore the park on foot, or hire a buggy if you are tired of walking.

After a day of shopping and exploring a large garden of sculptures, you can seek refuge from the heat of the tropical sun under the tall, shady trees at the CHOGM Park, located immediately before Lagenda Langkawi Park. This 10-acre park, identifiable by a grand white concrete structure, was built to commemorate the 1989 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, which was held in Malaysia. The white edifice used to fly the flags of all the Commonwealth nations, but only the flags of Malaysia and the state of Kedah can now be seen fluttering.

And if your feet is not tired yet by the end of the day, not far from CHOGM Park is the only beach in Kuah Town! The beach is not conducive for swimming, but its stretch of white sand is ideal for an evening barefoot stroll while feeling the sea breeze against your face. It is suffice to say that a visit to Langkawi is incomplete without spending some time at Dataran Lang and its nearby parks.
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Pekan Kuah is a town, mukim and district capital of Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. It is the entry point for those coming by ferry from either the mainland or Penang Island. The town is centered on its jetty, which brings in flocks of tourists each year who come to enjoy the shopping and other attractions of Langkawi. Over the years, Pekan Kuah has developed into a modern and vibrant town with many shopping and dining opportunities, helped by the astounding growth of visitors to Langkawi.

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The name ‘Pekan Kuah’ comes from the Malay word for gravy, and legend has it that the town arose from a cup of gravy spilled on the land by two giants, Mat Raya and Mat Cincang (now the names of the two highest mountains in Langkawi), while they were fighting.[2] Pekan Kuah has a wide range of hotels but no resorts, as the town has no proper beach despite being located by the sea. Also, the nightlife in Kuah consists mostly of eating out in seafood restaurants, though there are a few bars and pubs located in some of the hotels.

Still, Pekan Kuah boasts many facilities and attractions, making it a convenient and attractive place to stay despite the lack of beach and night spots. Today, Pekan Kuah is booming as a commercial center with shopping complexes, restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels and handicraft shops.

While Pekan Kuah is more of a commercial center and shopping zone, there are a few landmark attractions you can visit in Pekan Kuah. Most of these are recreational parks where you can come to enjoy some rest and relaxation as well as the gentle cooling breeze from the sea.

“Dataran Lang” or ‘Eagle Square’, is the location of a large sculpture in the shape of a sea-eagle perched on rocks in pre-flight pose. This 12-meter high statue greets visitors who come to Pekan Kuah by ferry as they ride to the jetty. The eagle is the emblem of Langkawi Island as its name is thought by some to have been derived from the Malay word for eagle. The square is a landscaped area with ponds, terraces and bridges, where visitors may stroll and view the sea.

Langkawi has been allotted as a duty-free zone within the country. Pekan Kuah has the highest concentration of shopping centers and shop lots that retail duty-free goods and souvenirs.

Kuah Jetty
The Jetty Point Mall enjoys a strategic location by being part of the jetty complex itself. This makes it a frequent last-minute shopping place for visitors before they disembark on ferry back to the mainland. Housed with the mall are many shop lots that stock various duty-free goods. In addition, there are cafes, bakeries and fast food outlets such as KFC and Starbucks with wireless internet access.

Haji Ismail Group
One of the most famous place to shopping is Haji Ismail Group (HIG), it have a new premise located at pekan Kuah named Haji Ismail Group Complex. The shopping complex sells a variety of items such as chocolate and other foodstuff, kitchenware, household furnishing, batik and clothing.

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