Flooding investments for producing carbon-free world

Alternative energy investments, renewable energy, energy efficiency programs and global warming, these are the few words which we come across frequently in our daily news papers and websites. Many people consider it as a serious problem that should be given more care.  Leading countries across the world are striving hard to tackle these problems and to find a best solution for this. Countries like United States, China, United Kingdom, India etc. are producing great deal of renewable energy investments to reduce the usage of fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are the most toxic substances which cause severe damages to the environment. Many countries have realized the seriousness of this problem and embark on investments in energy. Marie Elka Pangestu, the minister of trade of Indonesia mentioned that, the government of Indonesia is planning to increase the export rate more than 15 percent, since most of the business organizations are eager to sell their products overseas. Illuminating news and amazing details on energy investments, green energy investments taking place across the leading countries green energy Investments can be collected here.


In 2011, the Indonesian oil and natural gas exports will reach 145 billion USD and the global economic growth will attain 4.2 percent. Trade minister articulated, the paper, cocoa, palm oil and textile industries will also experience an extraordinary growth in 2011. Bulk energy investment plans are formulated for developing the crude palm oil industries. Indonesia currently exports to the Asian countries and presently looking for opportunities in the Eastern Europe, African countries and South America.  Indonesia’s main exporting destinations are United States, Japan, China and Singapore. Many official and veterans of Indonesia hope the country would undergo a remarkable development, in the forthcoming years.  Wind energy investments and wind power projects are getting more popular today. Recently, the wind energy generators of Ireland have produced an unprecedented amount of wind power. EirGrid plc, leading power supplier in Ireland cited that, around 1,228 megawatts of wind power was generated from the turbines and the amount of power produced was sufficient to illuminate more than 800,000 houses.


The Ireland Department of Communication recently declared the reports which portrayed, the average energy produced from wind energy sphere, was nearly 1,000 megawatts and this is sufficient for more than 650,000 homes. Eamon Ryan, Ireland Minister for Energy asserted that, the wind power can produce greater results than expected, during the colder days and the government would provide sufficient wind energy investments, for furnishing Ireland with ceaseless low carbon power. The wind energy investments in Ireland was flooded, due to  the greater interests shown by the private investors and nearly  526 million USD was delivered to the wind energy sphere, during 2010. The European Wind Energy Association recently said, within 2020, great deal of energy produced from wind generators will be used by the country.