Floods Of Kansas

Kansas is one of the states that are situated in Midwestern part of United States. The state was named after river Kansas that flows through it. The river has been named after tribal sect that has occupied the river basin area. Kansas State has been in news for its historic floods of its River. Every year at least one stream of Kansas River has floods. Till date floods in Kansas has caused damage to million of dollars of property and lost countless lives. There are certain years that recorded historic floods in Kansas.


Let us now have a look at some of the historic floods of Kansas. One of the notable and deadliest floods of Kansas occurred in the year 1884 which has affected river basins of Kansas and Marais des Cygnes .Floods affected several parts of the state but the most affected were north central and north-east parts of the state.


Floods of Kansas in the year of 1903 has discharged more water into the many cities of the state and was next sole to the floods of 1884.Most affected river basins were republican and Kansas. State has skilled one more penetrating actual disaster in the year 1935 which hit northeastern Colorado, north western Kansas and south western Nebraska. River basin worst hit in the state was Republican River basin.



Floods of Kansas in the year 1951 have strike approximately half of the state. Floods were effect of storms that have originated in Gulf of Mexico and caused huge injury to both people and property. Floods have affected numerous river basins across the state which includes Solomon, Kansas and Neosho basins.


In the year 1965 storm on the plains of east rocky mountain has caused floods of Kansas River. Kansas was one of the states that are worst hit due to the storm. Enormous destruction has been caused to crop land .Damage to the cropland and others has been estimated to 416 million .Floods have affected numerous river basins and has paralyzed life of people in these river basin for many days.


Kansas State has experienced floods once again in the years 1973, 76 & 77 due to massive rainfall in central parts of the state. Damage due to floods all the three years was estimated around $ 42 million. Floods have affected Kansas City area and few river basins these years. State has experienced floods in the year 1981 also.


Kansas State has experienced most incisive floods in the year 1986 which has hit almost 2/3rd of the state. Worst flood hit area was southeast Kansas. River basins of Marmaton, small Osage, Marais des Cygnes and Neosho were greatly affected. Northeastern part of Kansas has experienced worst floods in the year 1993 due to reoccurring of rainstorms. Still level of flooding has been controlled to some range with the support of flood guide reservoirs.


Floods have occurred in south central parts of Kansas in Halloween season of the year 1998.Water levels of numerous tiny basins have touched record levels.Amarmaton, Little Osage, Neosho and Arkansas river basins are worst hit river basins.