Florida State and South Carolina to Meet in the Chick-fil-A Bowl

Florida State and South Carolina have accepted invitations to play in the 2010 Chick-fil-A Bowl. The game will take place on New Year’s Eve at the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta. Kickoff time will probably be 7:30pm, and the game is going to be televised on ESPN.

The Chick-fil-A Bowl is always a match up between a Southeastern Conference team and an ACC team. This year’s game pits the South Carolina Gamecocks against the Florida State Seminoles. The Chick-fil-A Bowl is the ninth oldest bowl game in the country. It originated in 1968 as the Peach Bowl and it is now in its 43rd year.

The University of South Carolina joined the Southeastern Conference in 1992, after having been an Independent team for twenty years. Their head coach is Steve Spurrier, who is in his 6th year with the team. Spurrier previously spent 12 years as head coach of the Florida Gators and was head coach of the NFL Washington Redskins in 2002-03. South Carolina, with a record of 9-4, comes into the game as the SEC’s East Division Champion. They’re ranked #19 in college football polls. Their only previous appearance in a Chick-fil-A Bowl game was in 1969. The Gamecock’s last bowl appearance was the 2010 Papa John Bowl, where they lost to UConn.

Florida State University joined the ACC in 1992. They are the ACC’s Atlantic Division Champion. Their record this year is also 9-4, and they’re ranked #23 within the country. The Seminoles have a new head coach this season. Jimbo Fisher succeeded the retiring Bobby Bowden. Fisher had served as the Seminoles’ Offensive Coordinator, and had recently been the Offensive Coordinator at LSU. FSU has made 2 previous Chick-fil-A Bowl appearances, in 1968 and 1993. Their last bowl appearance was in the 2010 Gator Bowl, where they defeated West Virginia.

This year’s Chick-fil-A Bowl represents the 1st time that the match up has been between the runner up teams within the SEC plus the ACC. Florida State and South Carolina are long time rivals from the days when both schools were independents. The Seminoles hold a commanding 15-3 lead in the series. They’ve not met since 1991, when they joined their individual conferences. Over the last few years, quite a few Chick-fil-A Bowl wins have been decided by a touchdown or less. This year’s game between Florida State and South Carolina promises to be another exciting game for fans.
Sabung Ayam
with Blue Water Highway
Understanding the virtuosity of Reckless Kelly requires the perspective of where the band has been. Cody and Willy Braun grew up in the White Cloud Mountains of Idaho. They moved to Bend, Oregon, and then migrated to that great musical fountainhead, Austin, Texas.The bands co-founders and frontmen toured the country as part of their fathers band, Muzzie Braun and the Boys, as children. They performed on The Tonight Show twice. Their father taught his four sons a professional ethic integrity, persistence, hard work and professionalism honed over three generations. They overcame hardships, struggled for recognition, and learned the lessons of the trial and error that defined them.In one sense, its remarkable in the way of any musician, athlete, or businessperson who bucks the odds.In another, though, its utterly natural that Reckless Kelly, born in the dreams of the two Braun brothers and their heritage but nurtured in the bumpy road of maturity, became the very essence of Americana music in all its far-flung glory.We came along in that second wave of the movement, Cody Braun says. Son Volts album Trace had a major effect on us. People like Joe Ely, Ray Kennedy and Robert Earl Keen were always big supporters. Our goal was to make music that had a country vibe but a solid rock edge.In the end, all the recipe required was to just add water. Water facilitates life. It enriches the soul.As Music Row magazine proclaimed, In my perfect world, this is what country radio would sound like.This is Reckless Kelly. The heartland gave the band authenticity. Musical lives honed its skill. Adversity instilled its persistence. Moving to Austin gave it wings to fly.As kids, the Brauns Cody, Willy, Micky and Gary shared a stage with the likes of Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell and Merle Haggard. Micky and Gary Braun now helm their own band, Micky and the Motorcars. In Bend, Cody and Willy added drummer Jay Nazz, who brought with him his own unique experience.I had grown up in the Northeast, performing at clubs and weddings with my dad and brother from the age of 13, Nazz recalls, so, when I met Willy and Cody, we already had that in common. Both of our dads were musicians with a very similar kind of performing discipline. That helped us bond immediately.The band took its name from the legend of Ned Kelly, the Australian highwayman, and the three moved to Austin in the autumn of 1996, where they carved a niche of their own. Early on, Keen, a Texas legend himself, took them under his wing and became their first manager. They listened, watched and interacted with the creative dynamos of the outlaw country scene Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Billy Joe Shaver, Guy Clark and others and joined them in a redefinition of what contemporary country music had become. Theirs was gritty, hard-edged, uncompromising and convincing. They turned country music real again.Willy Braun wrote half the songs of Millican, 1998s self-released debut, in an abandoned school bus, where he had lived for six months in Bend. The effect of that album was to emblazon Reckless Kelly with a reputation as a band of no-nonsense insurgents that could raise the rafters while still retaining a heart and soul of honesty, soul and conviction.They evolved, adding David Abetya, a graduate of the Berklee School of Music, on lead guitar in 2000. Kansas-bred bassist Joe Miller who had grown up on a family farm before becoming a broadcaster at his college radio station and migrating to Austin signed on 2012.Reckless Kellys string of critically acclaimed albums Under the Table and Above the Sun (2003), Wicked Twisted Road (2005), Bulletproof (2008), Somewhere in Time (2010), Grammy-nominated Good Luck & True Love (2011) and Grammy-winning Long Night Moon (2013) set a standard of reliable excellence and commitment to an instinctive vision of Americana. No band exemplifies the broad genre better.Independent? Oh, yeah. Doggedly so. Nothing demonstrates it more than the bands path through a succession of prestigious record labels Sugar Hill and Yep Roc, among them en route to a label, No Big Deal, of their own.For two decades, the band has toured coast to coast relentlessly. It has demonstrated its longevity in a world where trendy newcomers are proclaimed the Next Big Thing by spinning a couple pop hits. They disappear from the radar, doomed by the very fad that invented them. Not unlike the pioneers who preceded them on the western frontier where the Brauns were raised, they have forged their survival without compromise, combining hard work with a resolve that success is only satisfying when achieved by their own standards and definition.The groups new album, Sunset Motel, is, like all its predecessors, distinctive in its own way while true to form. Self-produced and recorded in Austins renowned Arlyn Studios (where Millican was made two decades ago) and mixed by Jim Scott (Rolling Stones, Dixie Chicks, Tom Petty, Sting, Roger Daltrey, Crowded House, et al.), it reflects Reckless Kellys attention to craft and continuity.Twenty years since its founding, Reckless Kelly continues to fight for wider recognition, secure in the knowledge that fans, critics and contemporaries will continue to sing its praises.The songs hit one emotional peak after another: the infectious Volcano, the urgent One More One Last Time, the desperate desire that comes full circle in How Can You Love Him (You Dont Even Like Him) and the bittersweet title track. With steady guitar drive and a series of insistent choruses, they all ring with power and conviction that make Sunset Motel a breathtaking listening experience.Willy wrote 30 or 40 songs for the new album and we cut about half of them, Cody says. We ended up using 13 of them, but there were still some good ones left on the cutting-room floor.Cody, Willy and Nazz have been constants since the beginning. Abeyta and Miller add their own wrinkles to a signature sound that remains intact. The populist following grows, but the band has also moved on to play in performing arts centers and listening rooms that provide more focused encounters.Were at the point where were not content to be categorized as simply a party band anymore, Willy says. We would like folks to really hear these songs, to be able to hear the lyrics and appreciate the musicianship that goes into the arrangements. Yes, we still want our audiences to have a good time, but we also want to show that this is a real band with a cohesive attitude and a muscular backbone, as well. We dont want to be pigeonholed as simply a Texas-based, beer-drinking, rowdy bunch of party boys. Theres a lot more to it than that.This is a really good place to be, Cody adds. Weve built a solid fan base, which gives us a nice safety net. At the same time, we can take things at a more leisurely pace because we can control our own destiny.Great bands know good music. They make it the way they like, confident that what they love, what excites them, will also gain traction with thousands and thousands, perhaps even millions, of passionate fans.Reckless Kelly is, by the best possible definition, a great band.Freedom to pursue its own destiny has always been at the center of the bands ambitions. Their fate is as much in their own hands as is reasonably possible.Weve toured extensively over the course of our career, Cody says. Weve traveled front and back, up and down, across this country. Happily, were at a point where were not killing ourselves to pay the bills.That point liberates them to be true to their background, their heritage and, most importantly, themselves.Weve always been hands-on in terms of our marketing and our delivery, Willy says. The labels always gave us the freedom we asked for, but an A&R person doesnt always know whats best for the band.The fierce self-reliance and independent spirit keeps Reckless Kelly happy, appreciative and charitable. Their annual festival, The Braun Brothers Reunion, in Challis, Idaho, has been ongoing for 37 years now. They reunite with their brothers, Gary and Micky (and the Motorcars). The Brauns run it without major sponsors or outside promoters.The band also hosts the yearly Reckless Kelly Celebrity Softball Jam to raise money for Austin-area youth charities, putting $300,000 in those coffers over the past seven years.Its a great way to give back, Cody says. Its great to be able to share our success in such a positive way.Collectively, theyve played over 3,000 shows and traveled over 1,500,000 miles to 49 states.Reckless Kelly is a great band with an apt name. The outlaws spirit pervades the ambiance. They are rugged individualists who dedicate themselves to advancing the state of their art.Theyre good guys, too. Their hearts dwell in the right places, and those are where the music follows.