Flush Face Got You Down? – Here’s How to Stop Blushing

Does your face flush in front of other people? Are you embarrassed by the fact that you blush too often or at inappropriate times? Are you uncomfortable in front of others and turn red at the slightest triggers? If so, you are not alone and there is hope…

Many people just like you have trouble with blushing because they are embarrassed or just plain uncomfortable in front of others. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get to the root of your blushing:

Does your face flush at the slightest things and cause you uncomfortableness? If you have anxiety with facial blushing and want it to stop, there are some techniques that you can learn. By going to a therapist you can go through a therapy called CBT which will help to reprogram your thinking. You can also use self-hypnosis techniques, meditation, and visualization techniques. There is also another method of training you can go through called NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming which will give you the tools to deal with your anxiety.

How often does your face flush? Is only when you become embarrassed by something or feeling another strong emotion such as happiness or anger? If so, this is normal. If you want to stop blushing in these instances, you should consider learning meditation techniques so you learn to accept yourself and subsequently stop yourself from blushing.

Does your face flush or does your entire body flush? Do you have hot flashes? If so, you may be experiencing something other than anxiety and you should consider visiting your doctor.

Does your face flush only when you eat spicy foods or drink alcohol? If so, then these are obviously causing your facial blushing and you should simply remove these from your diet.

Whatever the cause of your blushing, it is absolutely possible to stop. If you want it to stop, it is completely within your control.