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Here’s a humorous anecdote for those planning to travel. Two matronly ladies have this to say to their travel agent: “We’d like to get completely away from civilization, near some nice shopping district.” Indeed, there are people who are unlikely to get out of their comfort zone, even when they travel to new places. Most people want to go to places like a pampered tourist–from airport transfers to good hotels to shopping hot spots. On the other hand, there are also a group of people who would take the less beaten path, so to speak, and explore “un-touristy” places and go on an adventure. But if they want the pampering of tourist hubs and the adventure of exotic locales, they better surf the internet, and while they are at it, apply for online payday loans to step-up their travel budget.

Australia’s top airline Qantas and budget airline Jetstar Pacific are increasing the number of flights to Asian destinations such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Nowadays, jetting off to new places is a cinch. And, with the economic slowdown hitting worldwide, international airlines are vying to get a big share of frequent passengers by offering huge fare discounts and other flight goodies. From $ 500 to $ 600, an eager employee could take out that amount from an instant payday loan and book a flight to Bali, Indonesia or Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. If these excited travelers would be more creative, they could search online for added discounts to further lessen their airfare cost, or save some of their travel budget on accommodations and tours.

For travelers to Bali, when talking to their travel agent about their airfare flights, better ask around for other tours as well. Most tour companies present a good list of places to go to. However, before eager travelers jump at the first tour company that offers a “good deal”, it is advisable to do a little comparison among the adventure or tour packages available. While at it, Bali is known for water recreation such as swimming and surfing. If a group of traveling friends and family want a bit of adventure, they should try Gitgit Waterfalls, Bali’s highest waterfall since it is over 100 feet! For those who want to keep dry, Bali is also famous for great furniture buys. However, a word of caution, travelers should make sure that they set a limit to their shopping or else they could go broke even before the end of the trip having spent their entire payday loan!

Those who want to go to Vietnam should be sure to see the famous Mekong River floating markets. Thousands of boat shops gather there, creating a colorful, moving mall. Eager travelers could also soak up some history by going to the Cu Chi tunnels. They could explore the intricate tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the war with the Americans. For those insatiable shoppers, they should go to Hanoi to view the endless selection of art galleries. With so many places to see, and so little time to see them, wise and thrifty travelers should plan ahead and expect a great trip.
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Diving Bali – Mola Mola Magic!

– Bali Scuba Diving! – Get In! Incredible footage of diving with Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) and many other fascinating creatures in the clear waters around Bali! Filmed by our professional videographers. Get In!

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