Fog, See Castle Peak?? Telecommunications Satellite After Restructuring Opportunity – Telecom

Future applications is a “Fan in the network” applications, the so-called “Fan in the net” is the ubiquitous network. Satellite communications may be in the industry and open a world of enterprise applications. France Telecom and Bell South America satellite radio and television and fixed line communications, Internet, mobile services bundled together.

Carriers restructuring plan and timetable issued 3G licenses, became the last major news of 2008. Today, all have been settled.

2008 5 24, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance jointly issued the “Circular on Deepening the telecom reform”, formally established the Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications carriers tripod pattern.

2008 the last day, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, agreed to launch the third generation mobile Communicate License issued work. Finalized, 3G licenses are issued by law: China Telecom CD MA2000, China Unicom WCDMA, China Mobile TD-SCDMA.

A result, China in 2008, was called “3G Year One,” the name of gone down in history.

Contrast the past, China Mobile, “a dominant” situation, the college president of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, that reorganization is a method to resolve the current imbalance in the market. Companies also hope to achieve through the restructuring of the industrial structure makes a turn for the better, to achieve balanced development, improve the competitiveness, effectiveness, this is a good starting point.

Reorganization plan was finalized, the government subsequently introduced a number of asymmetric regulation policy, which for the development of other small operators who can be said to send the blood carbon, however, preferential asymmetric regulation is also a need to consider how to floor reality. In addition, Telecommunications, said, issuing three licenses shows that the Chinese government has enough confidence in TD, TD and the other two technologies is not much disparity.

According to a press operator from the investment planning statistics, the reorganization of the 3G operators planned investment projects more than 280 billion yuan, 3G license issuance might begin to make these investments, these investments can spur related invested more than 500 billion yuan. Drastic reform in the telecommunications field process, Satellite Communications in the telecommunications field position and opportunities, once again, become important within the satellite industry first topic. Some communications experts have expressed this view.

Telecommunications, believes that the future application is a “Fan in the network” applications, the so-called “Fan in the net” is the ubiquitous network. Re-accelerate the pace of building such a network. “Fan in the network” should be loaded into the satellite, the satellite is a beneficial supplement, satellite communications systems in such a system should find its location, new location. The fixed telephone installation in the town has a relatively high popularity, so the satellite to remote areas, where the satellite will leave the market a little more.

Same time, he told reporters stressed that in addition to satellite communications in remote areas of applications, it may be a large-scale applications, it is in the industry and open a world of enterprise applications. More suitable for mobile communications in the areas of population density, the larger the development, but some special areas, such as geological team visits, sea operations, the satellite is the best assurance measures. We should look for this market, rather than blindly talk to fixed telephone, mobile comparison, to compete for individual customers. In industrial applications, the satellite is a very high cost solution, this is a priority direction of development.

Ministry of Industry and Information said, would be in accordance with the arrangements and requirements of the State Council, in accordance with legal procedures and enterprise applications, sound good TD-SCDMA and WCDMA, CDMA2000 issued three licenses work, stimulate domestic demand and promote growth, optimized structure of the telecommunications market competition. Accordingly, satellite industry experts spotted the “six to three in” pattern of opportunities. They believe that the reform process “go to war,” the Quanchengquanwang mobile operators need to further optimize their networks, while the pattern and distribution of the current status quo is part of the communication network in the city, part of the communication network in remote areas, remote areas of communication capacity lags far behind the city. If the remote areas of the mobile base station and the base station to link up the whole structure into a network of terrestrial radiation, the cost will be very high. SABUNG AYAM