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HC plastic mesh News: First, the market review
4 dated 1 New York Mercantile Exchange crude oil futures continue upward, now Europe and the United States and China announced the manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) index are in more than 50, especially the U.S. manufacturing index in six years the highest level of Expectations Economy Recovery of crude oil will continue to drive demand. Asian ethylene prices were flat, as naphtha prices continued consolidation of domestic Plastic The overall trend to stabilize the main raw materials, petrochemical manufacturers today offer a smooth, market price Yindie again and again, tired not changed.

Second, fundamental analysis 1. National Bureau of Statistics, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released a report, in March the National Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 55.1% higher last month and 3.1 percentage points. The report stresses, PMI has been a continuous 10 months of economic expansion and contraction at the critical point?? 50%, indicating that the overall manufacturing economy to continue our growth, growth speed, a good momentum of economic recovery to strengthen further.

2. Germany to the latest Labor Department data showed a seasonally adjusted March unemployment in Germany unexpectedly fell 3.1 million, down 338 million people. It is learned that this result was better than economists had made 7,000 the number of unemployed will increase the forecast. According to reports, the German economy is expected to grow in the first quarter of this year, recently announced business sentiment and manufacturing data was better than economists expected. Therefore, the labor market improved in March mainly affected by the economic situation improved. In February China

3.2010 PE Production of 72.2 million tons, compared with same period last year (61.7 tons) increased 105,000 tons, an increase of 17%. 1-2 months total 1.42 million tons, up last year (1.225 million tons) increased 195,000 tons, an increase of 15.9%. 2010 January-February, Plastic Products Industry output value reached double-digit growth, exports maintained a rapid growth. Plastic Products Industry Industry Sell Output in February up by 22.6% cumulative increase of 32.75%; plastic products industry in February sales rate of 97.72 percent, up 0.99%, total sales rate of 97.71%, up 0.43%; plastic products industry export delivery value in February year on year increase 16.2% cumulative increase of 21.78%. Plastic products industry production in February increased 12.1% year on year, the cumulative increase of 17.4%.

4. Continued drought, Southwest rising electricity demand. SAC in 29 press briefing on the disaster-relief work, China Southern Power Grid and Guodian person said that the drought-induced reduction of southwest hydropower, thermal power generation Despite the increase, but there are still power gap southwest end, the South electricity grid and other central enterprises will continue to reduction in power transmission, etc., reduce the region’s electricity gap. According to estimates, the reasons for drought, Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi Provinces of China Southern Power Grid to increase the electricity load is about one million kilowatts, the power consumption double vacancy in March, the biggest gap in more than five million kilowatts electricity.

5. Thurs Asian ethylene market stable, CFR price of Northeast Asia, to close at 1149.25-1151.25 USD / tonne, CFR Southeast Asia, the price to close at 1121.25-1123.25 USD / ton. Some market researchers believe that increasing the market supply, while the lower reaches of weak demand, next week may slow down the price of ethylene. Downstream Polyethylene Support to the limited market, but the seller before the offer still persist. Northeast Asian market, as South Korea’s LG Chemical’s cracker will restart, the market supply will increase dramatically. The device in the March 3 incident, restart the program on April 5. During the stop, the devices will raise its production capacity to 1 million tons of ethylene and propylene production capacity increased to 550,000 tons.

6. Petrochemical industrialists, after yesterday Qilu Petrochemical, Zhongyuan Ethylene, Tianjin, and other manufacturers combined, after the sharp increase in ex-factory price, various petrochemical manufacturers today offer a smooth, mainstream ex-factory price at 11,100 yuan / ton? 11,300 yuan / ton, price adjustment later manufacturers are not up there with potential. SABUNG AYAM