For a business that can offer you the most succulent Poultry For Sale then you need only consider one business and that is Cambridge Poultry

Are you looking for a business that can offer you a selection of the finest poultry for sale in the UK? Have you decided that in order to save on the monthly food budget that it stands to reason that rearing your own chickens is for fresh eggs, ideal for the morning omelette is surly an indulgence that is not only prudent but essential.

Here at Cambridge Poultry we are proud to be considered one of the foremost poultry for sale retailers in the UK. With almost a century of experience providing poultry for sale in one manner or another there is little doubt that once you visit Cambridge Poultry you can take advantage of a rich history.

Our principal flock of poultry for sale, the Rhode Island Red hens, have made many a meal for the residents of the surrounding villages for as long ago as the start of the last century. Since then things have moved on somewhat, yet the dedication to customer service, combined with the fact that we are able to offer you a selection of the finest examples of poultry for sale of any retailer in the UK, there is little doubt of the heritage of Cambridge Poultry.

As one of the UKs principal free range poultry for sale providers we rear our hens for sale from a day old chick to point of lay on our range. This intimate attention to detail allows us to provide you with poultry for sale that has been carefully monitored throughout the of the hens life. In short, the poultry for sale that we can offer you have been reared carefully, which we believe enhances the flavour.

To find out more information about the selection of poultry for sale that we offer, or indeed to contact us and enquire about any aspect of our services then come online and visit:
Sabung Ayam
One Chick Travels – Sprinter Van Tour!

The van tour is finally here!
People have been requesting this for a while and I’ve been too lazy to make one… until now!
Links for materials are below and more in-depth descriptions of the van build out is here:

–Items used–
FanTastic Fan –
Marine Adhesive Sealant –
Butyl Tape –
Self Tapping Screws –

Laminate Flooring – (Not the exact same)
We got our flooring at a discount flooring store, here is a sample of what it looks like I couldn’t find an exact match online.
Frost King Vapor Barrier (Vinyl foam/ aluminum duct insulation) –
Underlayment –
CEC flex Duct Tape –
Moisture Barrier –
Spray Adhesive –

Wood Glue –
StrongStik Construction Adhesive –
Cedar Planks –
Self Tapping Screws –
Polycrylic minwax Satin Stain –

Silicone Caulking –
5 gallon Water Jug –
Pump/Faucet combo –
J trap –
Hose Clamps –
Hose (4ft) –
Gasket material –

Corner brackets –
Drawer Pulls –
Sash Locks Front Cabinets –
Sash Locks Back Cabinets –
Drawer Tracks Front Cabinets –
Drawer Tracks Back Cabinets –
Plywood 3/4″ –
Plywood 1/2″ –
Polycrylic minwax Satin Stain –
Fin screws –
Finish Nails –

Plywood 1/2″ –
Deck Screws –
Hinges for Bed to Couch system –
Hinges for in Bed Storage –
2×4’s –

Battery Meter –
12 Amp Circuit Breaker –
(x2) 20 Amp Circuit Breakers –
30 Amp Circuit Breaker –
40 Amp Circuit Breaker –
100 Amp Circuit Breaker –
125 Amp Circuit Breaker –
Inverter –
Charge Controller –
Shore Power Battery Charger –
Breaker Box –
2 120 Amp Hour AGM Batteries – also just found another battery. Not sure if it’s better, but it is cheaper!
Solar Panel –
The link above is the panel we got, but we purchased ours second hand from a friend. Here are a few links to similar panels.
Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel –
Renogy 150 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel ,2 Piece –
ECO-WORTHY 300 Watt 2pcs 160w Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Module 12V Battery Charging –

Truck Fridge –
Eva Dry –
Coleman Stove –
Hand coffee grinder –
French Press –

Sabung Ayam